Biden's Reaction to Trump Arraignment Just Might Make Your Blood Boil

I have to admit, having covered Joe Biden now for quite a while, I don’t know who could have ever considered this man a “nice man” — the common lie that was spread when he was running for office.


He’s nasty, he’s got a short temper, he strikes out at anyone who challenges him, and he constantly lies, including on things that could cause serious harm to our nation, like lying about the Chinese spy balloon not having collected any intelligence. According to a new report, they were able to get intel, they were over several sensitive locations and they were able to send it back to Beijing in real time.

He gets a charge out of his people throwing the media out of the room when they try to ask him questions during a meeting/photo op event and treating the media like dirt as his people are doing it. “Don’t get hurt as you’re leaving,” Biden sniped at them as his people were pushing them out of the room last week. Then he laughed and smirked. I think, for him, it’s evidence of the power that he thinks he has.

On Tuesday, he was asked about Trump being arraigned. Biden has doubtless been told by his handlers, “Say nothing about the Trump arraignment” and “Don’t dig us a hole by saying or doing something stupid.”

However, Joe can’t stop being Joe. He has a clueless look on his face. But when a reporter asks, “Is the indictment of your predecessor politically divisive…”


You can see he hears it. The reaction comes when the reporter finishes his sentence. His reaction is to break out into a big gloating grin and laugh. Then his people proceed to throw all the media out of the room.

But yeah, this is not political, not at all. He’s not even hiding this anymore. He’s happy that it’s “politically divisive,” the more breakdown of the rule of law, the better.

How is any of this funny? Is it funny that he and the Democrats have perverted the rule of law to go after their political opponents? That they’ve destroyed the objectivity of what once had been a previously vaunted bureau like the FBI? That Democrats’ progressive prosecutors do things to so harm the country? That’s not just about Trump, but about hurting Americans by their failure to enforce the rule of law.

Add that on top of him laughing when asked about the Christian elementary school being shot up and then saying he was “joking” when asked about the school being targeted by a transgender person. What you have is a truly sociopathic character. I think I first wrote about that in August 2021, when I wrote about his continued denial of the facts regarding his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He refuses delivery on reality if it challenges him and, as we saw in Afghanistan during the withdrawal and countless times since, that greatly endangers our country.


The smug buffoon laughs, likely thinking they have power and this lessens the chances they will be held accountable for anything his family has done or anything they have done against their opponents.

We are at an existential crossroads, as these characters do all they can to make us into a banana republic that they control. And if the people we put in power or who presume to wield power do not understand this and go along with the same old thing as we are pushed further and further to the left, and chaos, then they are not going to be able to stop this movement. We have to recognize that and be all-in to vote them out.

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