Kirby Trips All Over Himself and Exposes More Biden Weakness When It Comes to China

Kirby Trips All Over Himself and Exposes More Biden Weakness When It Comes to China
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At this point, Biden’s weakness in response to China’s actions around the world would have to concern anyone and make them wonder how much he’s been compromised. From how he handled the Chinese spy balloon, letting it float over the entire country before taking it down, to his failed response to hold China accountable for their lies when it comes to COVID, it’s been a pattern of weakness.

Then Friday, during his press conference in Ottawa, Canada, in a scary denial as to what’s going on, he downplayed the growing Chinese-Russia alliance as well as the greater danger to national security and the peace of the world.

But bizarrely, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said the growing China-Russia alliance was a manifestation of how much China and Russia know that American leadership on the world stage is back. I think it’s safe to say that’s not what they think.

Yet all this bending over backward to the Chinese threat from Biden is still not enough for Xi who is treating Joe like the bad child who misbehaved and didn’t do all he wanted.

Biden is always talking about the relationship he has with Xi — most of what he says is embellished lies — but that was supposed to be an example of his foreign policy bona fides that he traveled “17,000 miles” (or whatever Joe is saying about it this week) with Xi where he talked about how America was “one word.”

After the spy balloon episode, Biden again was weak, saying it wasn’t a “major breach” and we weren’t “looking for conflict” with China. Um, Joe? They spied on us. That’s the time to hold them to account. Biden said he would be talking to Xi to clear the air.

Yet five weeks later, that call still hasn’t happened. Since Biden said he was willing, that has to mean the Chinese aren’t willing to pick up on the other end. Which shows you how little respect they have for Biden.

Even Reuters is spelling it outย if Biden doesn’t get it.

Instead, after two months of diplomatic sniping and Xi’s trip this week to Moscow where he and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly denounced the United States, U.S.-China relations have slid to what some say is the worst since the countries normalized ties in the 1970s.

“This is not a good moment for American diplomacy,” said William Kirby, a professor of Chinese studies at Harvard University. “The last time China and Russia were this close was 1957, when Mao Zedong declared in Moscow, ‘The East Wind will prevail over the West Wind.'”

Looks like Joe’s old friend is treating him like he knows he can shunt him to the side without consequences.

Meanwhile, China’s power is growing, with it just having brokered an agreement between mortal enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran and Saudi Arabia wants to join BRICS in a bloc that includes Russia and China. It’s not just China, even Saudi Arabia has been kicking sand in our faces, mocking Joe Biden and not doing what he wants.

So what has Kirby said about that missing call?

Earlier this week, he said, “President Xi’s been kind of busy of late.”

Then on Sunday, Kirby was pressed again about it by Margaret Brennan. Kirby still couldn’t answer when Xi was going to stop treating Biden like a toy.

Brennan also had him backpedaling and trying to justify why, if Biden said that they don’t use TikTok, Biden was then caught mugging on singer Niall Horan’s TikTok video from the White House during a St. Patrick’s Day event.

You can see even Kirby knows there’s no defense there. Brennan calls it what it is — that they want to use the platform for their political agenda. They’ll talk the talk, but they aren’t willing to walk the walk themselves to disassociate from it. They’ve even previously used TikTok “influencers” to push their political agenda.

Try as he might, Kirby isn’t able to cover all this mess.

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