WATCH: John Kirby Spins Himself Silly With Claim That Putin-Xi Meeting Was Proof of Biden's 'Leadership'

John Kirby tries to spin Putin-Xi meeting into proof of Biden's leadership. (Credit: Bloomberg Television)

In this episode of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Thankfully, we don’t have to make up anything about Joe Biden and his administration. In fact, some of the ridiculousness that comes outta these people rivals the brilliant satire of The Babylon Bee.


This is one such example.

John Kirby, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications for the White House, tried to pull off a beauty during an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, claiming that the recent meeting in Moscow between dictators Vladimir Putin And Xi Jinping demonstrated true “leadership”… of Joe Biden.

No, really.

Precisely, Kirby said, the meeting showed that “American leadership on the world stage is back.” (Apologies if you just spit coffee, or whatever, all over your screen.)

Here’s Kirby, first weighing in on the relationship between Russia and China:

I think, first of all, calling this an alliance is a bit of a stretch. I refer to it as a marriage of convenience, certainly not one of affection. President Xi sees in President Putin a useful foil and a counterweight to American influence, particularly in Europe.

President Putin sees in President Xi perhaps a bankroll and an opportunity to get more assistance so that he can continue to prop up his economy and to fight this war. They’re working together because they believe that they need each other for very discrete, not necessarily completely overlapping goals. We’re not looking here for a world divided by blocs.

Accurate assessment, I think, but Kirby then reduced himself to shilling for the most ineffectual president in U.S. history (emphasis, mine):

But I think one thing you need to consider, as you consider this visit to Moscow by President Xi, is that it’s also a manifestation of how much China and Russia know that American leadership on the world stage is back and how much they recognize that our network of alliances and partnerships is stronger than any network they might have — these are two countries with not a lot of friends — and that those — and that network is getting stronger and more influential around the world.

Look at NATO, for instance, how much more relevant and viable NATO is now, it’s going to grow by another two nations. All of that’s a manifestation of the leadership of this administration and the proof that American leadership on the world stage is, in fact, increasing.


Uh-huh. The people of Afghanistan (and still-stranded American civilians) were unavailable for comment.

While we still don’t know if Biden is cluelessly slow-walking Cold War II into WW III, we do know that he continues to write billions of dollars in checks to Ukraine from the U.S. taxpayer account, with no end in sight, which will further force Putin’s desperate hand.

The question remains, will the time come when a crazed Putin decides, if he’s going out, he’s going to go out with a very big bang? Time will tell, but the more taxpayer aid Biden sends to Ukraine, the less likely a “peace” agreement will come, anytime soon. And if the tide decisively turns against Russia, all bets are off.

On another Biden “leadership on the world stage” front, pressure is mounting on the administration to take harsher action on Iran as Republican senators grow increasingly concerned about Biden’s open checkbook policy with Ukraine.

At a review of the 2024 State Department Budget Request on Wednesday, Republican Senator Ted Cruz called the Biden administration “weak,” claiming its weakness on Iran is indirectly supporting Russia’s war efforts, in addition to boosting its nuclear capacity.

In a scathing attack, Cruz told ever-intrepid [sarc] Secretary of State Antony Blinken that walking back the Trump administration’s oil sanctions on Iran has led to empowering the Islamist regime’s nuclear program and helped it support Russia’s military capacity through drone sales.

I’m deeply concerned … that no matter how much you may want to help Ukraine, there is something the Biden administration wants more, which is to re-enter a nuclear agreement with Iran.

This administration has shown weakness on Iran since day one, and continues to do so. Just in the last few weeks, there have been reports that you again waived congressional sanctions to allow Iraq to move money to the Central Bank of Iran, which the Ayatollah uses for terrorism, for ballistic missile development, and nuclear weapons work.


Blinken replied: “Abada abada abada.” Just kidding, but he might as well have.

Here’s Kirby. Watch as much as you can stomach.


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