Glenn Beck Breaks out Chalkboard, Raises Big Question About Chinese Payout That Went to Bidens

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We’ve been covering the story of the Biden family and the Chinese connections for the last three years, and it finally seems that we might have a Congress that is going to attempt to get serious about the problem.


My colleagues Jennifer Van Laar and Scott Hounsell did an extensive series back when the media was largely ignoring or avoiding talking about the connections between the Biden family and the Chinese. Particularly concerning were the connections and partnerships with the people connected to the Chinese government, as Van Laar writes about here, and you can see in that story the links to the many stories they wrote. Hounsell also cites an alleged Hunter Biden audio lamenting that he now had the New York Times calling him about his representation of the “f**king spy chief of China,” Patrick Ho.

We previously reported that not only did Ye Jiangming, one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, have ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the military, but he also had business dealings with “Kremlin-controlled companies and Kremlin-aligned businessmen,” and served as “China’s unofficial bridge to Russia on energy.” Ye Jianming paid $4,790,375.25 to Hunter Biden’s firm, Owasco P.C. over about one year, although it wasn’t clear what he was getting this money for.

We wrote back in September 2020 about how the Biden family got a line of credit from the Chinese connection, according to Senate investigators looking into the matter.

Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, the Chinese national who has reportedly executed transactions for limited liability companies controlled by Ye Jianming, applied to a bank and opened a line of credit under the name Hudson West III in 2017. Hunter, James Biden, and James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, were all authorized users of credit cards associated with the account, according to investigators.

Thereafter, the Bidens then went on a more than $100,000 shopping spree purchasing extravagant items that included airplane tickets and high-tech products from Apple. The Senate investigators said that the transaction was flagged for potential financial criminal activity.


In March 2022, the Senate then dropped the receipts — the bank records — on that line of credit from CEFC, which Sen. Chuck Grassley called “effectively an arm of the communist Chinese government.”

Then there was this fascinating story we reported about the $10 million a year that Hunter was asking from Ye Jianming “based on introductions alone.” But then that changed into forming a joint venture. Vanity Fair reported that wire never went through.

At one point, Hunter also asked for office nameplates where he was renting offices for “The Biden Foundation and Hudson West (CEFC),” with keys for Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden, and Gongwen Dong — who he labeled as “Ye CEFC emissary.” But, he thereafter left those offices and didn’t go through with setting up such a shared office.

Tony Bobulinksi had also come forward in October 2020 and said that Joe Biden was the “big guy” referred to in the emails about getting a percentage of the joint venture deal they were working on with CEFC.

But then, as we reported, there was a $3 million wire from State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC, that went to Rob Walker. Over one million of that was then paid out to at least three Bidens, as well as possibly a fourth unnamed Biden. The House Oversight Committee now has the bank records on that wire.


Glenn Beck now has some interesting thoughts on that wire. Beck makes the intriguing point that the company made the purchases of multiple green energy companies, right about the time that they wired the money to Rob Walker.

Fast forward to the present day, when we have Joe Biden bragging about the “investment” he’s made in dealing with climate change with the huge spending on the “Inflation Reduction Act” (which should be called the Climate Change Act). He has even been called out on his lack of focus on more pressing matters by Twitter head Elon Musk. Beck notes that the “green revolution” has been Biden’s biggest issue. But please remember, he’s not saying this is “pay for play” here. Not at all.


“But this is exactly what it would look like if it were,” Beck declared.

Interesting thoughts for Rep. James Comer and his Committee to pursue.


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