Elon Musk: If Trump Is Indicted, It Will Backfire — Big Time

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

As we reported, it looks like the Manhattan DA’s office may finally be stepping into the abyss and going for an indictment of President Donald Trump, that discussions were going on about how to deal with a possible arrest next week.


The report indicated that the Secret Service and the DA’s office were trying to work out the arrangements because the Secret Service is not going to leave him. The Secret Service would “take the lead” on such things as the decision on whether to handcuff Trump or not. You know that the Democrats are dying to perp walk Trump, and will do all they can to try to create that effect, if this indictment occurs.

Fox’s John Roberts makes the important point that the feds refused to prosecute “or even really pursue” any charges about the Stormy Daniels case, that it was a misdemeanor charge in New York, but that the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg — a Democrat — decided to elevate it to a felony charge, at the same time he’s downgrading so many other felonies. You can tell that even Roberts is questioning this, because it just screams political prosecution.


The Manhattan DA is not confirming this report about a possible indictment. As we reported, President Donald Trump has already responded to this report, saying he believes he’s going to be “arrested on Tuesday,” calling out the action as political, and urging people to protest in response.

Twitter head Elon Musk then responded with how he thought this will backfire big time and hand Trump a landslide victory.

That’s a very possible scenario, especially if they perp walk Trump before the world. Because even now, people can see this is political. If people look at all the efforts to get Trump, then they finally try to pursue this thing after years of not taking action, it screams that they’re doing it now to hurt his electoral chances now. But it’s likely to heighten the fact that he’s being unfairly targeted.

People who may have been on the line about whether to support Trump or someone else will coalesce around Trump because of the political nature of these charges. When Bragg wouldn’t go after violent criminals as much as this, it accentuates that this is all political and takes several steps further towards making us a banana republic, using power to go after political opponents.


Here’s a sample of that reaction happening already, and there were many more like this person, saying they will vote for Trump now because this would show the degree to which the Democrats are willing to go to stop him.

The funny thing is that this is also not going to stop Trump from campaigning and will likely bump up his donations.

The Democrats always overplay their hand—and it’s just possible that they’re about to do it again.


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