Bill Maher Delivers Epic Dropkick to 'Trigger Warnings'

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

“Real Time” host Bill Maher had some good points on his show this week. As we reported earlier, guest Russell Brand took MSNBC apart for its COVID hypocrisy.


Maher also noted how the COVID “dissenters” were “looking pretty good,” in light of greater recognition of the likelihood of the lab leak theory.

The problem is that we’ve seen how much they want to shut down anything that runs against the narratives that they want to push. They want to keep people ignorant and in the dark. On top of that, they want to inculcate weakness.

Maher eviscerated one aspect of that — how colleges started trigger warnings and have now imported them to much of society. He pointed out there’s a study that shows not only don’t they work, but that they make things worse.

“A trigger warning is a kind of ‘Close your eyes, here comes an ouchy’ that like so many bad ideas in recent years got started on college campuses,” Maher said. “Students started demanding them so they could get ready in case something a book, or a piece of art, or a history lesson reminded them that life included bad things and not just good and sometimes people were mean. You can’t have that just sprung on ya!”

He then mocked universities for compiling lists of words and phrases that should be banned or retired including “you guys,” “white paper,” “peanut gallery,” “insane” and “virgin.”

“Virgin? We can’t say virgin? As opposed to what, person experiencing not getting laid?” Maher quipped. “You would think that one would take the cake for their oversensitivity, but the students at Brandeis said, ‘Hold my baby bottle.’ They made a list of expressions they don’t want to hear it because they remind them of violence — terms like ‘killing it,’ ‘beating a dead horse’ and yes, even ‘trigger warning.’ I guess they don’t teach irony in college anymore.”


Maher laughed at the people who needed to be warned about moments of darkness and violence in “Oklahoma” — likely one of the most inoffensive musicals ever. “I cannot imagine the fragility of someone who needs to be warned about it. How did these people get to the airport, let alone through childhood?”

Maher continued, “And again, all the research shows that these trigger warnings don’t even work! What they do is reinforce the idea that trauma is central to your identity, and that you should let it define you instead of dealing with, it dispatching it and moving beyond it. People wonder why the younger generations have so much anxiety, it’s this stuff! Lots of stuff makes us uncomfortable. You know what makes me uncomfortable? This bulls—. People who start every conversation with ‘As a person who,’ ‘As a survivor of,’ I’m triggered every time I see a trigger warning, because I’m reminded of how weak my country has become. It’s like wearing a mask on your mind.”

Maher spoke about how one student group even had a trigger warning about “eye contact,” noting how around the bend that was, as “[e]ven the Taliban are okay with eyes!”

“We’ve passed the point of parody,” he said.

He’s right on target with all of it. Life presents you with all kinds of uncomfortable things. You push through them, and you become stronger. When you remove all obstacles and all challenges, and treat people with kid gloves, you get weak, frightened children who are unable to deal with things. And it’s been pushed by the left for years. The left wants to control and censor all reality, to hold everyone in their sway. But you change it, by pushing back against it, by calling it ridiculous. When you start getting folks on the left like Russell Brand and Bill Maher calling out the stupidity, change is brewing.



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