Jill Biden Reveals the 'Globalist' Priority—and Some Horrible Fashion

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During an interview with Joe Biden that aired on Friday, ABC’s David Muir asked Joe Biden if he would be running again.


He said Muir should ask Jill Biden, referencing comments Jill Biden made earlier in the day during her visit to Africa. It was sort of a joke. But it also told you who is running the show here. When it comes to things, she’s the handler.

Jill got snippy with the interviewer, the AP’s Darlene Superville, for even daring to ask the question, as though it was already a settled thing.

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” Jill said during the interview. How about once?

She said that he wasn’t done yet, he needed to finish what he had started, and said to look at all he had accomplished. “He brought us out of the chaos,” she claimed.

This is some empty-headed delusion here, just a pack of lies. Listen to how she claims “people were starving,” and it was old Joe who got kids back to school (as the Democrats did all they could to keep kids out of school, kowtowing to the unions). Oh, and Joe is the Saint of Broadband for the children.


Indeed, he’s made everything worse and more chaotic, from the economy to more involvement in foreign wars, giving billions of our money and weapons to Ukraine, and making a debacle of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He’s driven our country into the worst inflation in 40 years. Unfortunately, inflation, despite his lies, has not been resolved. Indeed it’s continuing because he has no real policy except to spend even more. People are having trouble feeding themselves now due to Joe Biden’s failed policies.

But like Gisele Fetterman, who seems more focused on herself, Jill seems more focused on the position than on Joe’s deterioration. She likes the status and the attention, so full steam ahead–whether or not he’s able to be coherent.

This part of the interview stood out to me because it says so much about what they are about.

“You know, it’s not like we’re isolationists, like, um, we were becoming in the last administration,” Biden said. “We are reaching out and saying, ‘We’re a global society, take our hands, let’s do this together.'”


Now, I’m sure she thinks she’s being profound, just like Kamala Harris no doubt thinks she’s being profound, when she goes off into one of her words salads or gushes about Venn diagrams. Moreover, Jill Biden isn’t supposed to be the policymaker in this equation. However, she revealed the big problem that the Biden administration does have — they don’t seem to understand that their Constitutional obligation is to the United States, not to every other nation of the world.

Not to mention that there’s a fundamental difference between isolationism and putting America first. Every president should be about putting America first. That shouldn’t be a novel idea; it’s a Constitutional requirement. President Donald Trump wasn’t an isolationist; he achieved peace accords in the Middle East, for example, and reached out to people around the world to work with him. You didn’t see new wars start under him, and people didn’t invade on his watch (like they did under Joe Biden). That’s the difference between strength and weakness.

But this attitude is what they are about, and it is why they don’t see the problem with Joe going to Ukraine and Jill going to Africa–at a time when Americans are suffering in East Palestine. Joe told reporters asking him about it: Hey, I made a Zoom call! That should be sufficient, right? After all, it’s Ukraine that has “captured his heart.” You see Joe going to Ukraine with staged air raid sirens to make him look tough.


Meanwhile, Trump went to East Palestine, bringing the residents water, McDonald’s, and caring — showing how one should act.

I don’t comment much on fashion, although I have noted in the past how Jill Biden has terrible fashion sense. But it strikes me that this outfit she was wearing in Namibia during her African trip is somehow so symbolic of the confused nature of their globalist approach — everything, everywhere, with nothing done very well. Oh, and shoes that don’t go with the hideous outfit as well.


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