GOP Rep. Says a 3rd 'Object' Near Northern Border

(AP Photo/Matthew Brown)

As we just reported, the airspace was just shut down over Montana due to “national security.”


Now, that order has been rescinded. The reason is that they’re not planning on taking action at the moment but will in the morning.

What are they planning to take action on? There’s a third object, according to Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT).

“I am in direct contact with NORCOM and monitoring the latest issue over Havre and the northern border,” Rosendale divulged. “Airspace is closed due to an object that could interfere with commercial air traffic — the DOD will resume efforts to observe and ground the object in the morning.”


It’s not clear why they’re not taking the shot now, but they also delayed on the prior two shoot-downs, so they may be having trouble picking it up for some reason.

This followed two objects being shot down, one over Alaska on Friday and another that was shot down over Canada Saturday evening. Both of those objects penetrated U.S. airspace before they were detected and shot down. Their descriptions were similar — “small” and “cylindrical.”



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