Shake-up at the WH: Another Top Official Is Fleeing the Biden Sinking Ship

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We saw White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain announce that he was out the door in the wake of Joe Biden’s classified document scandal. I think that likely was just the last straw for him. He had a hilarious, pathetic, and emotional exit. National Economic Council Director Brian Deese announced he was leaving as well. Then Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is also tossing Biden under the bus to take over the National Hockey League Players’ Association. He’s the first Cabinet secretary to leave.


But now, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is also fleeing the sinking ship.

Bedingfield has held the position since Biden came into office. She previously had been his communications director when he was vice president between 2015-2016. She also worked on his 2020 campaign as a deputy campaign manager.

She had announced last summer that she would be leaving but then decided to stay.

Her replacement is going to be Ben LaBolt, a former adviser to Barack Obama. The former Obama folks are still all over the place. Bedingfield was a comms person in the Obama White House as well, as associate communications director, deputy director of media affairs, and director of rapid response.

LaBolt worked in Barack Obama’s Senate office and presidential campaign, then in the White House where he briefly served as an assistant press secretary. He also worked as a spokesperson for Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. He was involved in defending them after the furor over their donation of $400 million to local election offices. For Biden, he was head of communications for the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and advised the president’s transition team on nominations.


“Since my time as Vice President, Kate has been a loyal and trusted adviser, through thick and thin,” President Biden said in a statement. “She was a critical strategic voice from the very first day of my presidential campaign in 2019 and has been a key part of advancing my agenda in the White House. The country is better off as a result of her hard work and I’m so grateful to her — and to her husband and two young children — for giving so much. Ben has big shoes to fill.” [….]

“I look forward to welcoming him back as a first-rate communicator who’s shown his commitment to public service again and again, and who has a cutting-edge understanding of how Americans consume information,” Biden said. “I saw him fight for Justice Jackson, and he put his all into helping us make history confirming our cabinet and subcabinet nominees. I’m proud to have him rejoin this team.”

The Biden team wanted us to know also that LaBolt is the “first openly gay man” to hold the communications director position.

Bedingfield allegedly was also involved in discord with the Kamala Harris team and made disparaging comments about Harris’ complaints of how she was treated by the Biden team.


It’s not hard to imagine that people will be quitting now and there may be more. We’re not seeing some of the people who truly need to leave yet — White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who is just horrible at the job. Not to mention Joe Biden himself, who should never have run, to begin with. If he had any real care for the country he would step down. But watch for more defections coming soon.



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