Creepy James Carville Attacks GOP as 'White Trash' in Disgusting Remarks

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If you’ve been around awhile you might recall James Carville, the slimy strategist from the Clinton years.


But he hasn’t been relevant in some time, except to pull out of the box on MSNBC where they seem to keep the leftists and the relics.

I always thought he was more of a centrist than a leftist, but he’s shown whether you’re a radical leftist or just a liberal Democrat, you can still be one nasty son of a gun. When they throw down the Carville card, you know they must be desperate and in trouble. But I’m not sure host Ari Melber was even ready for Carville’s nastiness, because you could see him uncomfortably squirming when Carville began to go off. He asked Carville if he thought it was a bad moment for Republicans when they shouted at Joe Biden during his State of the Union speech as he began lying about them wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. Carville let loose, calling Republicans “white trash” and doubling down on Joe Biden’s lie that Republicans were pushing cuts.

“Well, you know, I told people I have a Ph.D. in white trashology,” Carville said.


“You saw real white trash on display. Let me say something about congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. She dresses like white trash. She really needs a fashion consultant. I recommend George Santos. He could do a good job of dressing up where she doesn’t announce her white trashdom by her own clothes and her attitude.”

He continued, “First of all, their lust for cutting Social Security and Medicare is well documented. Newt Gingrich shut the government down and got defeated in the end. We know that George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and Medicare. We know when Paul Ryan was Speaker and John Boehner — they did everything they could to cut Social Security and Medicare. We know that that is their objective. President Joe Biden is 1000% right on this, and he’s right to press ahead, and I thought he had a great night last night. It’s just — the level of white trashdom in the Republican Party is staggering. I mean, for somebody that has observed it for a long time, like I have, I’ve never seen it manifest itself on a level that it’s manifesting itself.”

If they wonder why people think they’re racist and why they’re losing the working-class voters, look to attitudes like this, in addition to the fact that their policies are such an economic failure.


He thinks that MTG is white trash because she wore a white outfit to remind people about how Joe Biden let a white Chinese spy balloon fly over the country. How much is he reaching? And it doesn’t look like he’s keeping up with the news if he doesn’t know why she wore that.

What does he think then about the dress/behavior of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), ripping up President Donald Trump’s speech right behind him that, among other things, honored the military, veterans, and the stories of Americans?

Seriously, no Democrat can talk about decorum after that act and that was from the Speaker at the time, who we have fortunately fired from that position.

People also thought it amusing that Carville would talk about how anyone else dresses given his outfit.


Has he checked out that weird kiss between Doug Emhoff and Jill Biden? Or how about Jill Biden wearing dresses that look like couch slipcovers?

But the bottom line here: This is all desperate Democrats are left with at this point, lies about Social Security and Medicare and calling people names.


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