BREAKING: 911 Call From Paul Pelosi Released

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

As we reported earlier, officials have finally released the body cam video of the attack on Paul Pelosi and it’s pretty wild.

Now they’ve also released the 911 call and the call is remarkable as well. He’s asked if he needs police, fire, or medical and he says, “No.” It doesn’t sound like it’s an emergency. But then, when the 911 operator thinks there’s nothing wrong going on because of his calm demeanor and responses, she starts to go. Pelosi says he doesn’t know the man who is in the house and the operator knows then something isn’t right. He even turns to the man during the call and then tells the operator, “He thinks everything is good.”


As she tries, to hang up, Pelosi says, “No, no, no,” and says the guy wants to wait for his wife to come home, “He told me not to do anything.” That’s when the operator asks for the address because she knows there’s a problem. “He’s telling me to put the phone down and do what he says,” Pelosi says. Then David DePape says he’s a friend and Pelosi reiterates he has no idea who he is. The operator gets there’s a problem and that’s why the police were sent.


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