WATCH: Paul Pelosi Body-Cam Footage Released

Bodycam footage from the attack on Paul Pelosi. (Credit: Greg Price/Twitter)

The much anticipated body-cam footage showing the attack on Paul Pelosi by David DePape has been released.

It shows the police approaching the house, knocking on the door, and the door being opened by someone (it’s hard to tell). Pelosi and DePape are shown both holding a hammer in what is pretty clearly a dispute.


Within seconds DePape starts attacking Pelosi, with the blow being landed just behind the angle of the camera on the doorframe. Police rush in and subdue the attacker while Pelosi lies motionless on the floor.

Watching the video, I’m not really sure why this video was held so close to the vest. I also don’t understand why there was so much secrecy and non-answering of questions going. What appears to have happened is pretty much what was described.

I’ll leave any further speculation to other contributors. But that’s the tape.


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