WH Gets More Shameless With New Claim About Gas Prices

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The White House is pretty shameless when it comes to giving us an honest answer about virtually anything they’re being asked these days. They’re definitely up a creek without a paddle when it comes to the classified document scandal.


As we reported on Monday, Fox’s Peter Doocy played a game of “stump the press secretary” with White House Karine Jean-Pierre, who refused to address whether Joe Biden was involved in a cover-up. Doocy also noted what a serious thing it was to have Joe Biden’s home searched by the FBI. All Jean-Pierre said was, again, that Joe Biden takes handling classified documents “seriously” which — the facts have shown — just isn’t true if he’s leaving them all over the place for years, including even documents from his time in the Senate.

But the White House wasn’t just shameless when it came to the classified documents, they were also shameless when it came to the gas prices which are rising once again. When gas prices go down, they’ve tried to take the credit; when they go up they always try to shift the blame. Gas prices have gone up 33 cents in the past month now that Joe Biden is no longer swiping from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially keep the prices low as he did to help the Democrats in the election. When you don’t solve the problem of your bad policies, once you end the stopgap measure, all the issues are still there. A reporter asked Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm if they were going to take “credit” now for the prices going up.


“It’s obviously based on international and climate events,” Granholm brazenly declared.

Granholm even mentioned current weather events. What she didn’t mention were Joe Biden’s bad policies.

Gas prices have been up ever since Biden came in with his anti-energy agenda.

Karine Jean-Pierre took the shameless spin even one step further, she blamed Republicans, claiming they wanted to drive prices up.

They think we will fall for anything. Biden had prices going up from the moment he came in by attacking the energy industry on day one. Then, prior to the mid-terms, he artificially tried to bring them down by robbing our savings account, the SPR, which is supposed to be for real emergencies and things like war. Biden has put our national security at risk by depleting the SPR to the lowest level in almost 40 years.

What Republicans were introducing was a bill that would stop them from robbing our savings account for political reasons, not voting to raise prices. As we noted, the bill would require the Energy Department to develop a plan to increase the percentage of federal areas leased for gas and oil production before releasing oil from the reserve. So it would put us in a better position. But Biden doesn’t want to do that and has already said he would veto that bill. He’d rather keep attacking the energy industry and depleting our reserves than have the national security and independence that the bill would help to ensure.


It’s the Republicans’ fault that they want to stop Biden’s bad policies? Talk about some major league gaslighting from KJP and the White House.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Deputy Spokesperson Chad Gilmartin said it for all of us.


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