NYC Mayor Eric Adams Lays Blame Squarely at Feet of Joe Biden During Visit to Border

New York City Mayor Eric Adams took a trip to the border this weekend and managed to throw Joe Biden under the bus on the immigration issue in the process.

Adams arrived in El Paso on Saturday and said the flood of illegal aliens across the border was a “national crisis” that demanded a “national solution,” laying the blame squarely at the feet of Joe Biden. He visited the border and a CBP processing center. He immediately showed up Joe Biden’s recent visit by going to a place where illegal aliens cross the border, as well as an area where illegal aliens were sleeping in the city, and speaking with illegal aliens — things that Biden couldn’t be bothered to do. Fabien Levy, the Mayor’s Press Secretary said the illegal aliens said they were there for work. That would indicate they were more than economic migrants.


Levy said Adams visited the Office of New Americans-El Paso County, Texas “to learn about what they are hearing from arriving seekers.”

“The reality of the situation is these migrants are being promised things before they cross the border that are just not available,” Levy said.


What was funny was that Adams was equating the situation in New York to the situation that border towns like El Paso have had to go through. He said he and El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser were “on the front lines, and we need federal support.”

“We are now seeing more people arrive than we have ever seen – averaging over 400 people each day this last week, with 835 asylum seekers arriving on one single day alone, the largest single-day arrival we’ve seen to date,” Adams said in a statement. “All this is pushing New York City to the brink.”

The city reportedly received more than 3,100 asylum seekers in the past week, with 835 arriving last Thursday alone.

Since the spring of 2022, Adams noted that the city had taken in around 40,000 asylum seekers, opening 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian relief centers.

Mayor Adams told Caribbean Power Jam Radio on Friday he expected the influx of migrants to cost the city as much as $2 billion.

El Paso, a much smaller city than New York City, declared a state of emergency in December when they were getting 2500 a day. They’ve been getting hundreds a day for far longer than New York City. Just before they removed the illegal aliens from the city for Joe Biden’s visit, you had hundreds living in the streets. Yet, people only started paying more attention to the problem when the Democratic El Paso mayor and Gov. Greg Abbott started shipping illegal aliens to New York City.

Adams put Biden on blast with his remarks, calling it a “national crisis” which Biden has refused to do. His team has consistently claimed the border is “secure” in a bizarre effort to avoid calling it a crisis, while they pretend it isn’t so bad. But it’s also why they’ve avoided providing the “national solution” that Adams called for. We saw with Biden’s visit that he had no real solution to stop the flood, that indeed he was just talking about an “app” to make it easier to get into the country. So if Title 42 goes away in the future, it’s going to be even more of a mess.



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