'Secure' Border Update: Moldovan Man Takes Leisurely Uber Ride From Tijuana to U.S. Drop-off Point

Moldovan man takes Uber from Tijuana to U.S. border check-point. Screengrab credit: AliBradleyTV/Twitter

The ridiculous claims by Joe Biden and members of his equally inept administration that the southern border is “secure” and totally not “open” have become so commonplace that they’re almost mundane, as are the innumerable cases of proof to the contrary — except for the following example.


As thousands of illegal aliens continue their various treks to the border, one example of Lyin’ Biden’s lyin’ lies is almost hilarious in its blatancy. The operative word is “almost.” As reported by Ali Bradley, network correspondent for NewsNation, one soon-to-be-illegal alien, a man from Moldova, simply took an Uber ride from Tijuana to a U.S. border drop-off point.

The guy told Bradley he was told that “the border is open.” He obviously forgot to check with DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas [sarc], who constantly lies his ass off declares that the southern border is secure. As noted in her below tweet, Bradley said she also saw “migrants” from Russia and Cuba.

“This,” she wrote Tuesday, “as Title 42 hangs in the balance.”

Bradley’s reference to Title 42 came early in the day, prior to a later-in-the-day Supreme Court ruling, as we reported, that denied Biden’s request to terminate Title 42. The order, which was originated by then-President Donald Trump due to COVID-19 threats, prohibited illegal aliens from entering the country. SCOTUS will now hear a February 2022 challenge from several Republican states before handing down a presumably final ruling in February or March ’23.


Speaking of Donald Trump and the southern border, his border wall was under construction at the time, as well as his “Remain in Mexico” plan, which required illegals to stay out of the U.S. while their individual circumstances were being evaluated.

Memo to Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, both of whom should be impeached: The above measures initiated by Donald Trump are how you secure a border, guys. And the side benefit? You don’t have to lie about it.

Incidentally, the Supreme Court in June ruled that the Biden administration could discontinue Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. Go figure.


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