WH's Attack on DeSantis Goes up in Smoke When Bill Melugin Drops a Little Reality on Them

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

If there’s anything that the Biden team has, it’s gall. We saw the White House response to the Biden classified documents scandal was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeating over and over again that Joe Biden takes classified documents seriously. We’re supposed to believe that, as he left them strewn all around his homes and office, and thinks putting them next to his Corvette is “secure.” They think we will believe them, if they just keep saying over and over again that they take things “seriously.”


But the Biden gall was again on display regarding illegal immigration, as well. Gov. Ron DeSantis deployed the National Guard to help out with Cuban migrants arriving by boat in Florida, and Jean-Pierre attacked his actions.

“We are talking about people who are coming from countries, who are dealing with political strife,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at Wednesday’s press briefing. “They’re trying to find asylum — and he’s treating them like pawns.”

She charged that DeSantis was “not dealing with the problem. He’s actually creating a problem.”

Imagine anyone in the Biden administration, which has made such a mess of the border and allowed the biggest flood of illegal aliens ever, having the nerve to talk about how anyone else deals with immigration issues.

But Jean-Pierre doubled down on the attack on Friday. She insisted again that DeSantis was making a “mockery” of the situation by deploying the National Guard to help with the migrants.

Now, this is straight-up delusional. First, DeSantis is doing his job to deal with migrants entering Florida, a job that the Biden team should be doing but has failed to properly attend to. DeSantis is not putting anyone’s life in danger, unlike Joe Biden, with the uncontrolled situation at the Southern border.


But what makes KJP’s response particularly bad is that DeSantis responded at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard to help out, as reporters told KJP and Fox’s Bill Melugin explained.

So, Karine Jean-Pierre is criticizing DeSantis for responding to the Biden administration Coast Guard’s request for help? What the heck? Would she rather that he blew them off? If he had done that, she would have gone after him for that. Either she doesn’t even know what’s going on and/or she’s just lying to attack DeSantis. Either way, she’s just pushing division and disinformation, rather than admitting what’s truly going on.


It’s the Biden team that has made a “mockery” of the immigration system. They’ve endangered Americans at the border, they’ve empowered the cartels, and they’ve depleted all the local resources to deal with the crisis. Then they dare to talk about the people who are doing their job? They should slink away in shame at their nerve. But they don’t have any shame.


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