'The View' Goes off Into Loony Conspiracy Land Over the Biden Classified Docs

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The ladies on “The View” were in typical form on Thursday as they whined about how inconvenient the burgeoning Biden classified documents scandal was interfering in their hoped for efforts to somehow get President Donald Trump. In the process, they implied that somehow the documents may have been planted.


“You know what I think? I’ve never seen a luckier person than Donald Trump. Just as we’re this close to getting him, somehow these documents appear!” Joy Behar complained. That in itself is so delusional on so many levels. That she thinks like so many Trump Derangement Syndrome folks that this time they’ve finally got him. Then, she’s never seen a “luckier person” — not exactly lucky that the Democrats have been trying to get him since before he got into office because he was a threat to their power.

The fact that they haven’t been able to do him in despite all their efforts is a tribute to the fact that there’s not a lot there to get, unless they make it up and lie about it, like Russia collusion. Then she acts like the Biden documents dropped out of the air just to upset their plans to get Trump, ignoring the fact that Joe Biden improperly took the documents and kept them in insecure settings for years.

She’s the same person who said on Tuesday that the two situations are different because they think that Trump is a liar and Biden isn’t. That shows what kind of judgment Behar has.

But perhaps the funniest part was Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to one of the other co-hosts saying that this was still bad for Biden. “Let’s find out what this is first. Again, one of the things that gets me crazy is before we know, it’s already been spun a specific way,” Goldberg huffed.


Is she kidding? She’s been the queen of spinning without the facts when it comes to Trump and/or any Republicans. She’s always shooting her mouth off without knowing what she is talking about, as are most of her co-hosts.

Goldberg said she wondered why they weren’t looking for the documents before this, “Because to me, if you are missing classified information, I don’t mean to laugh, but in my house, if stuff is missing, I know it’s missing.”

That’s when co-host Sunny Hostin went over the conspiracy slide, “Does it feel like oppo-research to you? Does it feel like the Republicans are behind it?”

That might just be the dumbest thing said all day, but with tough competition from Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) who also claimed the documents were planted.

Goldberg sort of agreed with Hostin, saying she thought that at first, “It did originally” but then she said she wasn’t so sure after more information came out.

I know we’ve seen the ladies at “The View” say some pretty air-headed things, but really? Somehow, those magically gifted Republicans were able to get into Joe Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center, then into his garage, and then even inside his home in Wilmington. What great powers those Republicans have! Then what does it say about the security of Joe Biden’s office and home when it can be accessed so easily by those evil Republicans? Obviously, not very secure.


Sara Haines capped it all off by saying by arguing how this wasn’t like what happened with Trump, “Anyone with any amount of brain cells knows these are not completely equivalent purely because the volume, the obstruction, the refusal. They had to storm the golden castle [Mar-a-Lago] to get it.” Um, no, Trump had the right to presidential records and had the power to declassify them. Biden did not, he wasn’t president. He took records and kept them — for who knows how many years — improperly. There’s no excuse at all for Biden.

At this point, all the women of “The View” are is anti-Trump, they’re not even pretending to make sense. And how would you put such unserious people on television as though they had anything to say of worth?



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