Restaurant Owner and Chef Blast Biden Admin Idea to Ban Gas Stoves, Would 'Destroy Industry'

I wrote about the start of this new move suggested by the Biden administration to ban gas stoves and how it blew back on Jill Biden because of her use of a gas stove, which looked like a “rules for thee” situation.


We saw the left suddenly fall upon this like carrion birds and push it as the new talking point — the evil of gas stoves — that hadn’t been evil 15 seconds ago. So, of course, that meant Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was front and center pushing it, claiming gas stoves caused brain damage and she got hilariously wrecked for her nonsense.

But there’s a serious problem here if they are truly pushing this. Not only do millions of Americans have gas stoves but so do most restaurants all over the country. Stratis Morfogen, a New York restauranteur, explained to Tucker Carlson that after all the setbacks the restaurant industry has been faced with over the past few years with COVID and inflation, this would “destroy our industry.”

Morfogen called this move the “crème de la crème” of the efforts against them over the years, with the last three years being full of “government overreach.”

“They want to make us, for new restaurant construction, use electric stoves. So let me explain it to you. We lose 40% productivity by using electric,” Morfogen said. [….]

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also proposed a ban on natural gas heating and appliances in new buildings, but Morfogen said he would not comply with the order.

“With electric stoves, first of all, our bills will go six times higher. And then on top of that, our productivity drops. This isn’t just going to hurt the restaurant hospitality industry. It’s going to hurt real estate development,” he told host Tucker Carlson.

“You remember casinos, shopping malls, airports, residential towers, office buildings. They depend on us for the content. And if we don’t develop the content for these big, you know – this is our industry – for these big developers. Well, guess what? This whole thing will collapse.”


Morfogen said they weren’t “following the science” and the answer to any potential issue was a good filtration system.

Chef Andrew Gruel also had a few things to say to the Biden administration. He taped himself to his stove.

He managed to get on Jesse Waters’ show to make his point.

He also took on AOC’s idiocy.

All pf this is so on-brand for the Biden team. They never follow the science, but they always push whatever they can to exercise as much control as they can over the actions of Americans.


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