Biden Once Defended Taking Home Classified Docs and Ducks Questions on Bombshell Find

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We reported that classified documents were found at Joe Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. The records were found in November (before the election) but it wasn’t announced until Jan. 9 (after the election). Media immediately began spinning the situation to distinguish it from the situation with President Donald Trump. It is very different — but that difference doesn’t benefit Biden, no matter how much the media or the Democrats might try to portray it. Biden didn’t have a right to remove classified documents, the Presidential Records Act didn’t protect him, he couldn’t declassify documents, and he held onto these records for almost six years in his office at a Center that has a lot of questions about China connections.


Reporters tried to get answers from Joe Biden in Mexico where he is meeting with the Mexican president and other leaders.

“Any response to the discovery of classified documents at your office?” they queried. But Biden avoided answering any questions, then his people pushed reporters out of the room.

I wrote about how President Donald Trump responded — asking if the FBI was going to be raiding Biden’s homes now to see if Biden had any more documents, and how Rep. James Comer (R-KY) head of the House Oversight Committee was demanding some answers calling it a “two-tier system of justice.”

With the discovery of the documents, now some of Biden’s old comments are coming up. Biden once defended taking home classified documents on August 26 of last year, saying he was taking home classified documents that day to review.


“Depending on the circumstance. For example, I have in my home a cordoned-off space that is completely secure. I’m taking home with me today’s [Presidential Daily Brief]. I have a person with me, military with me. I read it, I lock it up and give it back to the military.”

“What about without a specialized area to read classified documents? Is it ever appropriate [to bring home documents]?” a reporter pressed.

“It depends on the document and it depends on how secure,” Biden responded.

I’m thinking that’s a problem and that may be how he might have ended up with documents — because he didn’t return them — assuming that he didn’t purposely remove them.

Biden also spoke to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell from that very office in the Penn Biden Center in February 2018, as she explained on Monday, which would have been right when the Center was opening. Yet, Biden claimed then he no longer had access to classified information. Whoops, except for those documents over there in the closet.


Biden may try to avoid questions on this, but this one isn’t going away anytime soon.


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