Border Patrol Union and GOP Mock Joe Biden Over Finally Getting Around to Border Visit

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As my colleague Sister Toldjah previously reported, Joe Biden was finally getting around to going down to El Paso to talk to people there about the border.

But before the visit, suddenly there was an effort to suddenly do something about the hundreds of illegal aliens camped out all over the streets of El Paso. As we noted Border Patrol agents and local police were involved in detaining illegal aliens and moving them out of the area and cleaning up the encampments. They’ve been sending hundreds of them back over the border to Mexico ahead of Biden’s visit.


A Border Patrol agent who did not want to be identified told The Post that 200 people were sent back to Mexico Saturday.

“People are saying that if you are out in the streets the Border Patrol will get you and deport you because the President is coming to El Paso and they don’t want to show him the reality of things,” said Maria Rodriguez, 23, from Venezuela, who told The Post she has been living in a dumpster in El Paso for the last three days.

Most of those sent to Mexico were Venezuelans. So what happened to claims of asylum there, Joe Biden?

So finally they’re doing something but only because they have to, for Biden and the television cameras. It isn’t even so much just to clean it up for him — it’s about not seeing it on the cameras behind him when he’s there, so the American public doesn’t see how bad it is.

The Border Patrol Union — which has called out Biden’s inaction before and how the Border Patrol has been misused — mocked Biden and the clean-up.


“El Paso being cleaned up as if nothing unusual ever happened there,” the Border Patrol Union tweeted. “Just in time for Biden’s “visit to the border”. We suggest just landing in Des Moines, Iowa and telling him it’s El Paso. He’ll never know the difference.”

Yikes. You know how bad it must be when they feel like they have to say things like this and rake him over the coals on Twitter. But the bottom line is that they’re not lying. As I wrote the other day, Biden doesn’t even know the proper name of their organization, Customs and Border Protection. That’s just symbolic of how bad he has been on the issue over the past two years and how little he has done to resolve the problem.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News Digital last week that agents are “beyond frustrated” that the president has allowed the border crisis to deteriorate as it has.

“He’s not coming to the border of his own accord,” Judd said. “He would have done that a long, long time ago.”

“Because you now have Democrats, his constituency, his base, now that they’re upset, now you’ve got Eric Adams, you’ve got the governor of Colorado,” he continued. “That’s the only reason that he’s coming to the border. And it’s two years too late.”


Meanwhile, Republicans had also had enough of Biden’s failure at the border. Republicans including members who represent Texas sent him a letter congratulating Biden on finally making his first visit to the border.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, Republicans, led by Texas border Rep. Monica De La Cruz, “congratulated” the president by sending him off with a list of demands.

“We congratulate you on visiting the U.S.- Mexico border for the first time,” the letter read. “On the eve of your trip to the United States-Mexico border and Mexico City for the North American Leaders Summit, we write to ask and insist that you take concrete actions to secure our southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration and drugs that continue to catastrophically affect the great state of Texas and the country.”

Joining Cruz is 14 other Republicans including GOP Reps. Michael Burgess, John Carter, Beth Van Duyne, Pete Sessions, Brian Babin, Lance Gooden, August Pfluger, Dan Crenshaw, Nathaniel Moran, Michael McCaul, Ronny Jackson, Jodey Arrington, and Kay Granger.

They also called on Biden to finally protect the American people affected by all this and they even helped Biden out by making some suggestions on what could be done.

“Increasing bilateral cooperation and efforts to counter cartel and human smuggling networks, and ensuring that Mexico accepts the repatriation of those ordered deported by U.S. immigration courts. Additionally, Mexico must aid in stopping the flow of fentanyl precursors into its country from China and fully cooperate with U.S. efforts to curb the deadly trade,” the letter read.


Biden is hoping that this visit will make it look like he’s doing something. But Kamala Harris did the same thing but provided no solutions. Unless he does something concrete that resolves the situation, his visit will be nothing more than what most of his visits are — empty photo-ops.


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