Biden Makes More of a Mess, Compares Illegal Aliens to Holocaust Victims

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We reported earlier about how Joe Biden had finally gotten around to making plans to go to the border.

Biden also made remarks about the border, with Kamala Harris trying to hold it together while standing behind him. The remarks were just a confused mess. Biden didn’t seem to have any idea what he was talking about. He didn’t know what “CBP” stands for, that it is Title 8 that applies to immigration, or that Title 42 has helped to prevent the situation at the border from getting much worse.


His “plan” seems to be an app that would help people who apply for asylum.

“First, if they are seeking asylum, they can use an app on their cell phone called CBP One…to schedule an appointment at a port of entry and make their asylum claim there without crossing the border unlawfully and have a decision determine by an asylum officer do they qualify,” he explained.

Fox’s Bill Melugin noted the flaw in this policy.

But under the new policy, Biden will also be allowing in 30,000 applicants a month from four countries — Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua — who will be able to come in and work legally for up to two years. To qualify, applicants must apply from their home countries, pass a background check and prove they have a financial supporter in the U.S.

Given what we’ve seen from the Biden administration in the past, does anyone believe that they will properly vet anyone? They’ve already proven they don’t care about that. Then what happens at the end of two years? Are they going to kick people out who are then here illegally? We all know the answer to that. What happens after you meet the 30,000 quota, which will be met very quickly?


He also finally got around to telling people not to come. A little late after two years.

But he also made some outrageous claims that need to be called out, including making a comparison to the Holocaust.

People should have the ability to apply for asylum. But in most cases, people crossing the border illegally don’t qualify for asylum; they’re purely economic migrants. Even those facing persecution aren’t facing a Holocaust situation. It’s shameful to make such a comparison.

On top of that, he blamed the Republicans for his failure to go to the border. It took incredible gall, after saying he was too busy and indicating that he had more important things to do; Now he tries to blame the groups pushing to get things done on the border. The Republicans have been begging for action, while he ignored them or acted against their efforts to stem the flood of illegal immigration. This is straight-up nonsense.


Biden out and out lied about “extreme Republicans” saying “no” to more resources at the border.

That’s not just a lie; it’s bizarre, and the opposite of the truth–when it’s the Democrats who have refused to properly defend the border. He should be ashamed when he lies like that, but he’s not because he’s shameless.

Biden finished off his remarks by answering a question about the ongoing race for the Speaker of the House. But he couldn’t say “attention” and needed the help of Kamala “Word Salad” Harris to give him the right word.


Yikes, it’s getting worse.



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