It Doesn't Go Well When Chris Hayes Downplays Biden's Lies Compared to George Santos


We reported on the pack of lies that Republican Rep.-elect George Santos told about his background. Those lies have the left all in a fury to figure out a way to have Santos booted from his seat.


But as we noted, it’s hard to look at their fury over Santos and take them seriously when they don’t seem to give a darn about the serial fabulist-in-chief, Joe Biden.

Case in point: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Hayes tried to make a distinction between the Santos case and Joe Biden.

“I think there’s a line between “normal” politician [sic] bs-ing and conman serial lying, and he’s got infractions on either side of that line,” Hayes said. “I mean it would have been a pretty big deal if it turned out Joe Biden didn’t actually have a law degree!”

Um, is Hayes kidding? Joe Biden has told such a mountain of lies, it probably would take Santos a long time just to catch up to him, since Biden has had multiple decades of lying. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone who has created as many completely fabricated stories about himself as Joe Biden. That’s been a hallmark of his whole career. That’s why he was generally not taken seriously — because everyone knew he was full of bunk. He may have a law degree, but even that was a problem with Joe Biden. The lies go back to his first run for president in 1987 when he got nailed over plagiarizing in law school, where he received a failing grade and had to repeat the course because he took huge chunks of someone else’s article without proper citation. He lied about his scholarship, he lied about his degrees, he lied about his standing in class when he was at the bottom of his class, and he lied about being named outstanding political science student.


In 1987, he was still stealing, by plagiarizing other politicians’ speeches without attribution. But his plagiarism of Irish politician Neil Kinnock was so bad, he even lied about his own family in the process. Biden claimed that he was the first person in his family to “go to university” because that’s what Kinnock said. But it wasn’t the truth about Biden, since his grandfather went to university. He recently lied about that grandfather being named an All-American. So which was it, Joe, were you the first in your family to go to university or was your grandfather? When lies bump up against other lies.

But in 1987, lying still mattered, the media wasn’t completely in the pocket of the Democrats, and journalists sometimes would report the truth. In 2020, when they were desperate to beat President Donald Trump, Democrats were completely willing to put aside Biden’s lifetime of lies and buffoonery, and rebrand him as a “fatherly moderate” which was just another lie. And of course, Biden’s lying has continued. Indeed, it’s gotten worse with his mental deterioration getting worse. He has lied repeatedly about being a “full professor” which requires teaching and scholarly research, none of which he did. He was never a full professor — he was given a ton of money for essentially stepping onto the campus to talk about his book and be a guest lecturer for a couple of talks.


The problem is that Joe Biden’s lying isn’t just what Hayes would call “normal” political b.s.-ing. It’s big lies now that extend to his whole administration like that he’s been to the border (he hasn’t) and embellishing the number of jobs “created” — claiming that over 1,000,000 jobs were created when in fact it was only 10,500 for the second quarter of the year. But now, the media like Chris Hayes ignores these lies and doesn’t hold Biden accountable, even if it’s hurting the American people. So Biden continues, knowing he can get away with it. It’s why no one trusts liberal media like Hayes anymore, because they’ve become pure Democratic operatives. Even now, with his tweet, Hayes is gaslighting us, yet again.


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