Elon Reveals Even More About the Disturbing Reach of the Government Censorship

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Twitter head Elon Musk had some more to say on Tuesday about the reach to which the censorship by the government went.

We saw with the release of the last Twitter files the pressure that the Biden administration was putting on Twitter to de-platform people over things like COVID.


That of course is a constitutional problem when the government is suppressing speech. You’re no longer just talking about Twitter being a private company when they are acting at the direction or because of pressure from the government.

But, as we reported, it wasn’t just Twitter that the government was putting pressure on.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was pointing out how — for the “crime” of working of exposing how this involved virtually every major tech firm in the censorship — the left had been going after journalist Matt Taibbi and terming him mentally ill for saying he’s disturbed by it all.


The left would rather attack the messenger and deflect from the message. They don’t want most Americans to understand how pervasive the censorship has been and to what extent the government has been involved.

The government was in constant contact not just with Twitter but with virtually every major tech firm, Musk replied.

“Most people don’t appreciate the significance of the point Matt was making,” Musk said. “*Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government. Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.”

As Greenwald noted, it wasn’t just that they agreed with the Democratic narrative being pushed, but that the tech companies were pushed to agree — or else they would suffer the consequences of non-compliance, with the DHS/FBI/CIA involved in the pressure.


But now that this has dropped and the curtain has been pulled back, there has to be action taken so this doesn’t continue to happen. We see with the takeover by Musk on Twitter how you can truly bring change if you are committed to it. It shouldn’t even be a political thing (although, of course, it is) — everyone should be against such censorship and there are all kinds of questions of about constitutional violations involved in these actions. Having another empty Congressional investigation isn’t going to cut it. The GOP could earn a lot of credibility with the base by finally making an investigation count and getting some action here.


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