Project Veritas Has a Little Christmas Fun With the New York Times

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe and helper Elf outside the NY Times building in NY. (Credit: Project Veritas)

Project Veritas has brought us a lot of undercover stories over the past year. They got booted by the old Twitter, but now under Elon Musk, they are back and posting some fun stuff.


On Christmas Eve, they decided to have a little visit to the New York Times building in midtown Manhattan. It wasn’t exactly undercover, as they carried a sign identifying themselves as “The Veritas Army.” They were, however, in costume, with James O’Keefe as Santa, accompanied by his helper elf, “Patrick.” O’Keefe asked the various employees if they had been “naughty or nice,” and noted that there wasn’t a lot of Christmas cheer at the building. He offered coal for the New York Times employees who had been naughty.

One of the best responses was when O’Keefe asked one passerby if the New York Times had been “naughty or nice.” The man declared definitively, “Naughty!” O’Keefe asked why and he said, “Because I used to work in this building.” So he knew. Another passerby avowed that the NY Times “sucked.” He quoted the Scriptures, “I will send you strong delusions ’cause you’re going to believe the lie before you believe the truth.”

Veritas’ venture seemed to tick someone off and earned them the attention of Stephen Merelman, the NY Times Criminal Justice Editor. He went up to Patrick the elf and said, “Hey Patrick, one of my colleagues in Washington was wondering if you could spell your last name for us.” It wasn’t clear how he knew that the elf’s name was Patrick and “one of my colleagues in Washington” sounded like an intimidation move. But Patrick the elf didn’t look like he was going to be intimidated by that move. “How do you know I’m Patrick,” he asked Merelman. “Because I know,” Merelman responded. Patrick teased him, “Can you spell it?” That’s when Merelman seemed to realize that he wasn’t getting anywhere and retreated into the building.


Jeenah Moon, one of the NY Times’ photojournalists came out and took pictures of “Santa” O’Keefe and his elf. O’Keefe teased her about the Veritas story in March in which one of their reporters, Matthew Rosenberg, cut down his colleagues for their overfocus on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, calling them “f**king dweebs” for “going on about their trauma.” Rosenberg said he was “so over it” at that point. O’Keefe also used the opportunity to point out a win they had in a defamation case against the Times.

What a long strange trip it’s been for a paper whose slogan is “all the news that’s fit to print,” including apologizing for an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) that condemned rioting and suggested calling in federal help. While the paper apologized for publishing Cotton’s piece, they had no problem with a guest essay on “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.” They also seemed to find every excuse under the sun for horrible murders in New York City except the bad governance of the Democrats in charge who don’t want to lock up people who need to be locked up. Then when Joe Biden called Fox’s Peter Doocy a “son of a bitch,” the NY Times found that one of “the most unlikely feel-good moments of his time in office.” But, when you’ve become a liberal mouthpiece, you end up saying and doing some very strange things. However, when you do, that’s why they get Veritas showing up on their doorstep to expose them. It’s also why readers no longer trust what they have to say (if they ever did).


From all the news that’s fit to print, to the “news” that no one can trust.


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