'The Hill' Gets Mocked Into Next Week Over Tweet on How to Deal With Over 8K Flight Cancellations

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A lot of the country is socked in by weather with the coming of the “bomb cyclone” that has brought intensely cold weather and storms.

The weather has made it a severe challenge to travel at one of the busiest travel times of the year, with people either trying to get home and to relatives for the holidays. It has caused the cancellation of thousands of flights and interfered with train travel.


On Friday, 5,700 flights were canceled on Friday, after Thursday saw 2,700 flights canceled. Another 1,000 flights – so far – have been canceled Saturday. Amtrak also canceled dozens of train routes.

Many people were understandably upset at being stuck and not being able to get to their families or wherever they had to go.

Some did what they could to adapt, like CBS Sports NFL football analyst Jay Feely.

Others did what they could to help, like Rodney Smith, Jr., the wonderful guy who founded Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service, which helps people and mows the lawns of people who may need their help including seniors, the disabled, single parents, and veterans.

Smith offered to drive anyone who was stuck in Atlanta up to where he lives in north Alabama, “[L]et me know. I’ll make the 3hr drive to get you can be home for the holidays . I can fit 4ppls,” he tweeted. He lastly expanded that offer “to anywhere where it’s snowing & plans are canceled in the Midwest or the east coast.” That was incredibly nice, and shows how kind one can be in such a challenging situation.


But I would have to guess that one of the worst responses to the cancellations had to have been a tweet from The Hill about what was going on. They wrote an article about what you could do to deal with the situation. But the biggest problem wasn’t the article, although what they wrote was mostly obvious stuff and not particularly helpful.

The problem was the picture that they included with their tweet. It said: “Flight canceled? Experts share some advice about what to do.”

Ultimately, The Hill ended up taking it down, after the backlash when people asked if they were truly encouraging rioting in response to the cancellations. But one has to wonder what the heck was going on in their heads. I get that the liberal media wants to somehow keep Jan. 6 in front of the public’s eye forever (while downplaying and/or ignoring the BLM/Antifa “protests”), but including that picture with this story was a little more than ridiculous.

Even folks on the left were not amused at this hot take, thinking The Hill was somehow making light of Jan. 6. The left was already having a tough time, over the release of the Jan. 6 report not fulfilling their fantasies to go after the people they wanted them to go after.


Our friends over at Twitchy picked up some of the best mocking reactions to this idiocy. Here’s a small sample:


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