Even MSNBC Just Called out the Biden Team on a Big Lie About the Border Crisis

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We’ve been seeing a massive number of illegal aliens continuing to pour across the border.

This was from Dec. 12, but it captures the incredible number just in part of one day in one spot, and this is ongoing constantly.


It’s mostly been covered by local stations, Fox News, and conservative media. But now it’s gotten so bad even MSNBC is focusing on it and is busting the Biden team in the process.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has claimed that the border is not open and that people are not just “walking across the border” but MSNBC said that’s exactly what’s happening, as they saw right in front of them.

MSNBC reported the illegal aliens didn’t even have any interaction with anybody from the Border Patrol at all, they just came right in. That’s where we are, at this point, while the Biden team just continues to put its head in the sand and lie about it to us.


MSNBC then pointed out how places like El Paso are “overwhelmed and in chaos,” with shelters unable to take in more, with hundreds of people forced to sleep on the street.

The numbers that will come in if Title 42 is lifted, the shelter official told MSNBC, is “unfathomable” and the federal government has to do more to address the problem. Right now, the Supreme Court has a temporary hold in place on lifting it. But if that goes away, it will get crazy.

This is why the Democratic mayor of El Paso sent some aliens on buses up to New York previously. It’s impossible to deal with this kind of influx. It’s depleting the city of all its resources. The mayor declared a state of emergency on Saturday ahead of the concern about Title 42 being lifted — that’s how bad it is.

The Biden administration has created a complete mess when it comes to the border. Even with the illegal aliens that the CBP is encountering, they’re losing them because of the Biden administration’s relaxed “no processing” policy, as Fox explained. According to ICE training videos, the Biden administration lost at least 150,000 illegal aliens into the country just in the summer of 2021 because of their lax operations.


“Those are the ones we know about,” Fox’s Harris Faulkner explained. “The ones that we try to vet…There are a million others called ‘gotaways.’ We don’t know where they are.”


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