Jill Biden Inspires Laughs and Memes With Her Latest Claims About Joe

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I’m beginning to think the powers that be on the left may just try to run Joe Biden again in 2024, maybe because they don’t feel that they got rejected in the midterms as much as they thought they would. I wrote earlier about how a Democratic strategist posted a picture of Biden photoshopped to make him look younger. Most people were on to it, but some, probably already on the left, were falling for it.


Now there seems to be more of a sales job going on. Joe and Jill Biden interviewed with Drew Barrymore for her show, from the White House on Monday. Jill wanted us to know that she gets a special present from Joe each Christmas. “One thing that Joe gives me every year is a poem,” she said. Joe said that he pens it because “there’s a lot to write about.” She said he was pretty good at other gifts as well.

Seriously, guys? Do you expect us to believe that he’s going to write a poem? She has to direct him off the stage or he would be constantly lost. He has trouble reading off a teleprompter. I don’t believe it for a minute. If he wrote anything, it would probably have been plagiarized. I believe that they think that makes him sound endearing and that they’re doing what they can to build him up since he’s so unpopular.

However, Joe did say something that I admit made me feel sorry for him, “Everybody knows I love her more than she loves me,” Biden said. That I fully believe is true, and more’s the pity. That’s sad. If she truly cared about him, she wouldn’t have put him through this, they could have retired in quiet, happy anonymity to play with the grandkids.


Conservative journalist Matthew Foldi asked folks for their best poems about Joe Biden and some responded to The Hill’s story about the poems. Here are the highlights.

The next pitch in the interview to try to make Joe sound endearing: What’s a bad habit of Joe’s that Jill would like to fix?

Does anyone truly think that’s the worst habit that he has that she wants to fix? How about talking to the air? Wandering off stage and/or getting lost? That seems to drive her nuts. What about sniffing other women and little girls? How about him being a constant gaffe-a-rama embarrassment? One would think that some habits are just slightly more annoying when it comes to Joe Biden than the light.


Jill Biden also violated one of the basic rules of the internet: Don’t hold up a sign that can be photoshopped. Because you know what’s coming next — let the memes begin!

They’re working very hard at this. I don’t think it’s working. But at least they’re amusing us before Christmas.


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