Dems Are So Desperate They're Photoshopping Joe Biden Now

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

We’ve seen political lying in the past. Let’s face it, it seems endemic to the political class, and I’m talking about both sides of the aisle. However, that doesn’t make it right.


But Joe Biden and his supporters have taken it to a whole new level. With Biden, we’re not talking about slight exaggerations, but making things up out of whole cloth and it’s not just because of his age and deteriorating mental condition — he’s been doing it all of his political life. His latest whopper was making up giving his Uncle Frank a purple heart, something that could not have happened.

His team and the other Democrats should rein him back it. But they’re right there, spinning bull cookies along with him. Anything they can do to help him and the Democrats hold onto power.

However, sometimes the efforts are so obvious that they’re full-on laughable. Let’s take this picture of Joe and Jill Biden, with Hunter Biden’s son Beau, proclaiming that Beau has “Pop” wrapped around his little finger, posted by Democratic strategist Chris D. Jackson.


If something looks a little funny to you in that picture, congratulations, it should. There’s a reason that Joe Biden looks at least 15 years younger than he truly is because someone did a very poor photoshop job cleaning up the wrinkles on his face and fixing his hair. Heck, they even cleaned up Jill’s face, hand, and leg, and Joe’s hands. His hands are so badly photoshopped they look like blobs and it looks like they only got one side of Jill’s face.

Here’s what it looks like up against the real picture, taken by Getty. John Hasson caught this.

The real picture:

The bad job they did on his hand:

This is pretty sad. We know how old Joe Biden is — we see him deteriorating in front of us every day. You can’t clean it up or change it with bad photoshop. By the way, he still looks old. But this is what they think of us. They think they can deceive people like this, and it’s just fine and dandy. It shows they have no shame. However, it is typical of Joe Biden — where everything is a lie and fake. But it also shows that they know that his age is a big problem going forward, otherwise they wouldn’t be going to this trouble.


They were called out by the Special Advisor for Communications for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Steve Guest.


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