Pelosi Packs It in as Leader, Unveils Tribute to Herself - Let the Memes Begin

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Republicans won the House during the midterms and perhaps one of the most important results of that is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will no longer be the Speaker when the new Congress is sworn in, in January.


Pelosi was long past her prime (if she was ever in it) some years back and it’s been a horror show not just to deal with the horrible policies that she was willing to sign aboard, but all of her other issues as well. If I had to hear her lie and say one more time, “It’s for the children,” I think I would have screamed. But it was a great thing to hear her say it was her last testimony that she would be making in a leadership role on Tuesday.

But Nancy, being forever Nancy, the lady who thinks the stars rise and set on her, isn’t exiting without some tribute, even though she still will be a member of the House, albeit not in leadership.

There was a congressional tribute to her on Wednesday with the unveiling of a portrait of her with a gavel, that will hang in the Speaker’s lobby.


Her husband, Paul, was there with her when she pulled the cord to unveil the painting. He was wearing a hat and a glove on his hand, perhaps covering injuries from the attack against him in October. The portrait showed Nancy Pelosi the first time she became Speaker, many years ago, in 2007.

Her likely successor, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was in attendance, as well as a former Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner. His remarks, as one Twitter user noted, and his tears showed much of what has been the problem in Washington with the uni-party.

Pelosi has been responsible for so much damage but you’re going to cry at her departure, and act like it’s a bad thing? We should be having celebration parties.

The replacements in Democratic leadership don’t look like much either, as I previously reported.


But I guess that Pelosi never learned one of the sure rules of the internet: Never post anything that can be photoshopped into something truly funny. With the opening curtain and the painting, that’s screaming for a meme.

People were already at it, and there are likely to be more coming.

That’s the mugshot released on Wednesday of a non-binary Biden official who got canned after two alleged incidents of luggage stealing. He’s been charged with felonies in both cases.



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