NBC's Report on the Firing of 'Non-Binary' Sam Brinton Takes the Cake

Biden administration nuclear official Sam Brinton (Credit: Sam Brinton)

You have to hand it to the liberal media.

When they don’t like someone or they don’t view him as being on their liberal side, they’re all in to take a whack at him. We’re seeing this now with any number of nasty takes on Elon Musk, to somehow turn his desire for free speech on Twitter into something evil.


But when they think you’re on their “team,” they will downplay it even if you truly did something wrong. Take the case of Sam Brinton, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, who was involved in his second alleged incident of luggage stealing. The Biden administration finally got around to doing something about it and now Brinton is no longer an employee, as we reported on Monday.

The take from NBC?

Here’s their headline, “History-making nonbinary government official is out of a job after theft accusations.”

As many noted, it wasn’t just “accusations,” but he was charged with a felony in the first luggage stealing incident at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and then on Friday, a felony warrant was issued regarding a second incident at the Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas.

They trumpeted Brinton being the “country’s first openly gender-fluid senior government official.” The story was written by their “Out News” department.


Hiring people that checked the boxes has been a priority of the Biden team, according to what Kamala Harris said on Tuesday.

Maybe they should have been more concerned about hiring people for their ability to do the job without problems, as opposed to hiring people who “checked the boxes”? When you live by the checkbox, you can sometimes die by the checkbox too, if your priority isn’t who is best for the job.

The NBC story repeated Brinton’s story about conversion therapy without question, even though others have called it into question.

The NBC story also claimed that Brinton has faced “transphobic media attacks since October,” including calling Brinton a “drag queen.” Except, Brinton has been a member of a drag queen group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group whose very name mocks Catholic nuns. How is it transphobic to print the truth? And was the Biden team at all concerned about the mocking of Catholic nuns, among all the other issues here?


But we’ve seen issues with NBC in the recent past, most notably the Paul Pelosi attack story where they came out with information that Pelosi opened the door for the police, but then pulled back the story. It was later essentially confirmed by one of their affiliates. Yet the reporter who came out with it first hasn’t been seen on the network since and reportedly was suspended.

They wonder why we don’t trust liberal media. This is just one more reason why.


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