Karine Jean-Pierre Lost It and Stormed out of Briefing Because of Question From African Journalist

I wrote earlier about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre being grilled by Fox’s Peter Doocy over why Russia seemed to benefit in the lopsided deal to get Brittney Griner released. They got a convicted arms dealer/terrorist responsible for all kinds of world chaos in exchange for Griner, who was being held on a drug charge. Jean-Pierre had no real answers except to say that Russia wouldn’t do any deal for detainee Paul Whelan. That just sounded like a lot of caving on the part of the Biden team. They released a very dangerous guy in the exchange who is now free to target people again and then didn’t even get all the detainees being held unjustly. Not to mention how this will give people more impetus to unjustly seize Americans if they think they can get their criminals released in exchange, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) observed. Not exactly a picture of strength from the Biden team.


However, that wasn’t the only discordant note and problem that Jean-Pierre had in the meeting. While Peter Doocy has certainly done his fair share of putting KJP’s feet to the fire on issues, there’s one person who truly seems to set her off — that’s Simon Ateba of Today News Africa. This is a guy that she constantly seems to blow off and skip over. But maybe why he’s on her “bad list” — he isn’t quiet about how she has discriminated against him and other reporters not on the favored list on which to be called. I wrote previously how he stood up on behalf of a Daily Caller reporter who was trying to ask Dr. Anthony Fauci a question and Jean-Pierre was blocking. He complained that she was skipping over the less-favored outlets.

On Thursday, he made a stink about not being called on when he asked why she kept refusing to take a question about the Africa summit. She just lost it and walked out.

How does she have a job when she treats people that way? She claimed he refused to listen to her answer, but she didn’t give one and she talked over him.

He wasn’t taking it lying down, saying that even though she was “black like me,” she was ignoring him and questions about Africa.


You would think that the White House Correspondents Association would stand up on behalf of their members being skipped over but he said that instead they were yelling at him, and threatening him with suspension. Since this all follows the blow-up over the Fauci questions, one has to believe he was moved from the openly ignored to the “bad list.”


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