Liberal Media Gets Desperate With New Talking Points Against Musk After Baker Firing

We brought you the news on Tuesday that Jim Baker had been fired from Twitter because he was looking at the Twitter files allegedly without the knowledge of the management.


Musk said the firing was because of a possible role in the “suppression” of information.

Musk termed Baker’s explanation for his actions “unconvincing.”

That would seem to be pretty big news for the media and possibly involve more cover-up, especially when “suppression” is mentioned.

But instead of diving in to investigate it further, what you got from liberal media on social media was a defense of Baker and an attack on Musk and Taibbi for wanting transparency and bringing this to light.

Some claimed as an attorney it would be normal for a lawyer to look at the files before they go out.


That might be true — but only if the boss/client gave you permission to do so, which doesn’t seem to have been given here, based upon the comments from Matt Taibbi and Musk. Not to mention Baker’s involvement in all the FBI drama surrounding the Steele dossier, Alfa Bank, and the FISA warrants. That raises questions about what he was trying to do.

But not only did some try to spin Baker looking at the files, but they also claimed that Musk and Taibbi talking about the files was somehow inciting harassment against “former employees.”

Not only that but here comes the ridiculous Ben Collins with another wacky conspiracy theory.


Talk about turning reality on its head. “Treason,” “mob” — where’s the evidence that Musk and Taibbi even did any such thing? Answer: they didn’t. The “evidence is made-up in this twisted guy’s mind. I guess now firing someone equals “inciting harassment” against them. This isn’t “journalism”; it’s advocacy.

Collins followed up with this rant. What secret emails is he even talking about?

How desperate is the spin? This desperate — trying to turn Baker the former FBI General Counsel and Twitter Deputy Counsel into a “private,” “random” citizen.


Talk about disinformation given who is being discussed — hardly a random citizen.

Now, more information is coming out from the AFL about a secret Twitter portal U.S. officials used to flag things to censor regarding COVID. Matt Taibbi has said more Twitter files are coming.

Bottom line? Collusion between the Democrats/government and Twitter to suppress information is a huge story. You can try to spin all you want. Media can spin, but they can’t stop the information from coming out.


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