Fonzie Jumps the Shark With Attack on Herschel Walker

It’s election day in the run-off in Georgia between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Herschel Walker.

If you’re in Georgia or you know folks there and you or they haven’t voted already, please get out and vote if you can. The importance of Walker winning so Democrats don’t have control of committees can’t be overstated.


But the Democrats don’t want to run on policy, because if they run on policy, they will lose — badly. The policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought nothing but hardship to the people of Georgia and the people of this country. Warnock has been all-in voting with Biden and the Democrats for those harmful policies. Both he and Biden have been doing all they can to deceive people about that, with Biden even telling a phone bank contingent that they shouldn’t tell the people of Georgia how much Warnock has voted in concert with him, and Warnock avoiding questions about that record.

So instead of running on policy, the Democrats have been concentrating on personal attacks, like this from actor Henry Winkler, the guy who played Fonzie on “Happy Days.”


“GEORGIA : It’s not about Party,” Winkler claimed. “ITS about being able to form a full sentence . VOTE WARNOCK.”

Let’s start with: When you’re talking about being able to form a full sentence, you may want to be grammatically correct yourself. It’s “it’s,” not “its,” without extra spaces before the colon and the period.

Many found that attack by Winkler incredibly hypocritical, given how the Democrats pushed John Fetterman for Senate — someone who truly has difficulty forming complete and coherent sentences. Not to mention how they have ignored the incoherence and confusion of Joe Biden. We were told that concerns about Fetterman were wrong and being “ableist.” We were told we should ignore that he needed a machine to help him to understand questions during a debate and even with the machine, it was clear he didn’t understand what was being said and couldn’t respond in an intelligible manner. But they dare to say anything about Walker? That just shows indeed it’s “all about Party” for Winkler. He doesn’t give a darn about Fetterman or Biden because they have a “D” after their names.


Plus, it’s just a lie, Walker has no problem forming complete sentences. Winkler’s attack sounds a bit racist and anti-Southern. Plus, he’s not from Georgia. Who is going to listen to a liberal Hollywood actor who lives in Los Angeles, California? I’m willing to bet that not too many folks in Georgia are going to be voting according to what Fonzie says. Indeed, given the nature of this attack and how late he is, dare we say that he’s jumping the shark with this?


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