Bombshell: DNC Had Twitter Go After James Woods, According to Files

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

We’ve seen some bombshell revelations in the Elon Musk Twitter drop about the suppression files including those surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop story. There are freakouts underway on the left and we see a fascinating take by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) who expressed concerns about the First Amendment. Twitter should have paid attention to that because it looks like they went far over the edge with what they did.


As the records showed, the Biden team was reaching out and getting people suspended from Twitter.

Among the revelations was an incredible record that indicated the DNC had asked Twitter to take down actor James Woods.

You can see this note they took down another account but then referred Woods’ account to “Safety” — Twitter Safety — for an evaluation since he was a “high profile” person.

Not only does this show that Twitter was operating under direct requests from the Democrats but it also involved specifically removing information that could be harmful to their candidate Joe Biden, because it concerned his son.

If the government was involved, it could potentially implicate constitutional questions.

It is believed that this is the tweet that might have been in question. It looks like it’s Hunter Biden smoking crack.


There’s nothing that would appear violative of the terms of service as far as I can tell in that picture. There’s nothing physically visible apart from Hunter smoking. But that would be harmful of course to Joe Biden’s campaign as it would show there was validity to the laptop because of the picture of Hunter Biden. So suppressing it was helping the Biden campaign. This was at a critical point in October, right before the election, with Woods being a big influencer with a very active Twitter account. Many accounts were suspended or locked during that period if they had anything to do with trying to spread the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Looks like they have a smoking gun here and more on the way. Break out the popcorn.


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