CBS Throws a Twitter Tantrum With Laughable Latest Move

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Sometimes, the craziness of the liberal media just has to make you laugh.

When I heard the announcement from CBS on Saturday regarding Twitter, I just had to shake my head in amazement. They said they were “pausing” their stations’ activity on Twitter.


“In light of the uncertainty around Twitter, and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site, as it continues to monitor the platform,” their reporter announced.

This is hilarious — what “uncertainty”? And do they think they’re going to go up in flames if they post on the site? They act as if posting on a website is like heading off into war. The Twitter public laughed at the them and ratioed them into next week.

Who would miss them? When you look at this, it looks like Elon Musk is a genius — the liberals and crazy media like this are removing themselves from the public square. He says “free speech”; they can’t take it and they regard that as a danger, so they’re out. The speech becomes better because they’re no longer there, but no one made them leave.

What CBS is trying to do with this is to attack Musk and the platform — it shows, once again, how fearful they are. It’s also why the left is pumping up the complaints to manufacture the chaos to justify action/regulations on the site. They’re hoping to encourage people to abandon the site. I wrote previously about how the Democrats are trying to sic the FTC on Musk; Musk put Democrats in their place as to their priorities.


This is what the liberal media and the Democrats don’t like — that other media would also have a say, that they wouldn’t have absolute control anymore, that people might question and call out the narratives that they throw out there.

But if liberals think their tantrums are having an effect, at least so far — according to Musk — Twitter usage has gone up, not down.

Musk has gotten more than 12 million votes so far on his Twitter poll about whether or not to reinstate Trump. The Trump side is still winning.

CBS can throw a tantrum, but they’re only hurting themselves in the process. They look even more biased when they make statements like this. And they wonder why people don’t trust them. They just seem silly when they flee such a major platform for no real reason except propaganda. Some noted that while they were bailing on a platform that wants free speech, they were not bailing on TikTok which is connected to the Chinese.


You know that Musk’s reaction to this is going to be fun.


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