China Manhandled American Producer at Biden/Xi Meeting, Biden's Reaction Was Telling

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I wrote earlier what an embarrassment Joe Biden was during his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping for projecting weakness. Xi made Biden walk over to him in their meeting, rather than meeting halfway. Then Biden never even brought up COVID and didn’t hold Xi’s feet to the fire for any of China’s bad actions. Instead, he spoke about “climate changes.” Indeed, it was Xi who spoke about the “challenges,” who seemed to be preaching at the U.S.


Xi warned Biden that the ‘Taiwan question’ was the ‘first red line that should not be crossed’ and that Beijing would not allow anyone to interfere.

Biden told his counterpart that the United States stand besides the ‘One China Policy’ and said later in a press conference that he saw no ‘imminent’ threat of an invasion of Taiwan.

If you read what Xi said as “no imminent threat,” then you aren’t paying attention. But that’s Joe.

However, there was another incident that occurred just before the meeting between the two leaders which told the tale of how the Chinese would figuratively manhandle Biden. They started by physically manhandling an American producer for ABC who was representing the pool.


According to the pool report, as the reporters were being ushered out, the pool producer Molly Nagle called out to Biden, asking if he would be raising human rights during the meeting. In response, a man from the Chinese contingent (who was wearing a COVID mask with a Chinese flag), yanked the Nagle backward by her backpack. The female producer lost her balance but didn’t fall and she was pushed toward the door.

Two White House staff members had to intervene to tell the Chinese to leave the producer alone.

Now, given that happened right before the meeting, you would think that might have earned some chastisement from Biden during his remarks or at least some comment. Yet there was no comment on it during Biden’s officially released remarks, even as Biden said that they would stand for human rights, he didn’t call them out at all. He wasn’t even standing for the “human rights” of the Americans in the room when one was badly treated by the Chinese. Instead, he was all smiling with Xi.


When you let your citizens get manhandled and then don’t even call them out on it, how can the Chinese think you would give a darn about Taiwan? If there was ever any bigger signal to Xi that you don’t give a darn when you just smile right over this, this is it, he has to think that Bide is the weakest goof ever or that he just doesn’t care about his people.


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