WATCH: Tim Ryan Called out by Audience for Huge Lie During Fox Town Hall

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and author J.D. Vance are locked in a tight race for the Ohio Senate seat to succeed the retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). Republicans need to hold that seat and pick up more if they are going to take the Senate. Ryan has not done well in the prior two debates as we’ve reported here and here.


On Tuesday, Ryan might have just stepped on a big rake during a Fox News town hall.

There were a few remarks he made that stood out that were more than a little problematic for Ryan.

The first one pertained to the biggest concern, not only for people in Ohio but across the country — inflation.

“Can you look me in the face and tell me that government expenditures on green energy subsidies through the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’…are in any way lessening my burden at the gas station and the grocery store?” the audience member asked. Ryan replied, “I could not say that.”

Ryan tried to argue that inflation reduction would come at some later point, but I don’t think anyone believed him and that would in any event be cold comfort to suffering Americans now.

Vance didn’t let him get away with it, saying inflation was directly attributable to Biden’s spending, of which Ryan was a big part.


Ryan also claimed that he had never called for defunding ICE, “not one time” — sounding a bit like Bill Clinton denying sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

But as the Daily Wire reported:

Ryan agreed to support a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. He also pledged to slash the detention budget of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and end the use of ICE detainers, his answers to the ACLU questionnaire show.

However, the worst moment of the night for Ryan was when he claimed — falsely — that a police officer had been killed on Jan. 6. He is immediately called out and called a “liar” by the town hall audience, yet he smiles, believing he’s correct and they are wrong. This is the height of delusion.


Ryan insisted, “We all watched the video.” There was no video of any police officer being killed because it didn’t happen. Instead of calling him out, the Fox hosts asked the audience to let him finish. Ryan said he was “happy to have this conversation,” thinking he was somehow schooling the ignorant Fox News audience (who knew far more than he did).

Brian Sicknick died from natural causes, of a stroke the next day. But the media made all kinds of false claims about his death for months.

But imagine this guy, Tim Ryan, thinking he’s right, smirking at the people correcting him. This guy wants a Senate seat when he lies about such basic information? When you can’t even get that right, then you go trying to demonize Vance and all other Republicans because of it, you’re not someone who can be trusted or deserves a vote.

On top of that, former Democratic representative Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Vance, referring to Ryan as a “warmonger” and saying Vance understood the cost of war since he was a Marine.


The RealClearPolitics average has Vance up by two points, 47.3 to 45.3 percent, and I’m willing to bet this debate didn’t help Ryan’s chances. When you get called out by the audience, it’s not a good look.


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