BREAKING: New Pennsylvania Poll Shows Oz Tied With Fetterman

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Great news just breaking out of Pennsylvania, even as Joe Biden is in Pennsylvania to help John Fetterman in his campaign.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is now tied with Fetterman according to the latest poll, in a stunning move up over the last two months.


They’re locked at 46 percent. That’s all due to the effort Oz is turning in as well as people becoming more aware of the issues surrounding Fetterman’s health and soft-on-crime policies.

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says Fetterman’s shrinking lead was a result of self-described independent voters breaking for Oz by twenty points.

“Oz is also picking an unusually high 14% of the African American vote and Asians and Hispanics say they are voting for Oz by a wide margin. Fetterman continues to enjoy a ten-point lead among female voters, while men prefer Oz at that same rate,” Towery explained.

The poll is also looking better for Doug Mastriano as well as Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s lead is dwindling in the gubernatorial race there.

I’m guessing that Biden’s visit there with the gaffes we know are going to come, are not going to help Fetterman and will likely make things worse.


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