Kinzinger Unravels In Bizarre, Embarrassing Rant After Critic Hits Close to the Mark

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (D-IL) was off and running with wild posts on Twitter again on Sunday night. He has a history of posting bizarre rants on Twitter such as when he posted unhinged tweets about pro-lifers and Ukraine. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, trust me, his attack didn’t make any sense either.


I don’t know if he was engaging in some adult libations or if it’s just his benighted brain without any help, but it went into la-la-land with this one and he got ratioed but good in response.

Entrepreneur David Sacks who has been supportive of Republican candidates called out Kinzinger for his profile in which he claimed he was “country first” but then bragged about being a part of “NAFO” a “foreign propaganda organization (NAFO) which was founded by a neonazi. Can things get any crazier?”

What is NAFO? Here’s what the account “Defense of Ukraine” — a Ukrainian government account — says.

So he’s spending his time defending Ukraine on Twitter and accusing people of being Kremlin trolls on behalf of Ukraine? That could be a problem if he’s acting as an agent of Ukraine. And a group Sacks claims was “founded by a neonazi”? What is Adam doing?


Sacks’ tweet caused Kinzinger to lose his mind.

“David, whose last name is Sacks, claims #nafo is a foreign propaganda organization,” Kinzinger said. “Well there SACKS, much better than under the influence of Russian propaganda. Sacks. #NAFOarticle5”

It looked like he hashtagged it to try to sic people on Sacks, attacking him over his name and accusing him of being under the influence of Russia.

Sacks didn’t take it lying down and asked Kinzinger if he had an issue with people with Jewish names.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Kinzinger, but he should seriously lay off Twitter for a while and check himself when he’s gone this far over the edge. He got ratioed into next week for what some thought was an anti-Semitic tweet and his obsession with Ukraine.


He may have meant it as a juvenile attack on his manhood as well, emphasizing “sacks.”

If you’re a member of Congress you shouldn’t be acting on behalf of any other nation, you shouldn’t be attacking American citizens over their names or spouting anti-Semitic nonsense, and you shouldn’t be siccing people on other Americans because they think differently than you. But it’s a thing with Kinzinger to attack American citizens. Kinzinger is acting like a disturbed 12-year-old. Is it any wonder that he’s the pick of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to be on their Jan. 6 Committee?

Thank God this character will soon be out of Congress. Then he can go off to MSNBC, be their “Republican” commentator, and be crazy where no one will have to deal with him.


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