Biden Commits a Big Self-Own When It Comes to Maxine Waters

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Joe Biden was in Los Angeles on Thursday to talk about the economy and infrastructure at a Metro construction site. He’s then going to a Democratic fundraiser.


“We are standing up for working people,” Biden declared. Then he proceeded to lie about inflation and the new inflation numbers, which indicated that it was still getting worse. Biden suggested that Americans had been dealing with this for “years.”

Inflation was at 1.4 when he took office. US inflation hit 8.2 percent for September — hotter than expected. The Core CPI surged to 6.6 percent, the highest since 1982. So this problem hasn’t been around for years, just since Biden was in office when he made everything worse. So if he’s working every day on it, he should resign because he’s doing a lousy job with this result.

“Democrats are working to bring down the cost of things they talk about around the kitchen table,” Biden claimed.


But they’re not and everything has gone up from eggs to gas.

If this is what you get from them “working,” all the Democrats need to be voted out.

But Joe Biden can never be honest or take the blame for the things that he does wrong. He’s always blaming everyone else, from Vladimir Putin to “greedy oil companies.” Who did Joe Biden blame when he was in Los Angeles? Republicans, although they aren’t even in power. He tried to claim that if they came in they would make things worse. He claimed if “Republican wins, inflation is going to get worse.”

This is a lie, but everyone is already paying far more on their utilities (and everything else) because of Joe Biden and every American knows it. That’s why Biden’s approval is in the dumper and the Democrats are in such trouble in the midterm races.


I’m not sure what he was trying to say here, I think he meant “not anymore” instead of “not anyone.” But he didn’t seem to understand that what he said didn’t make sense. I think he was just reading off the teleprompter.

But what he said about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was one heck of a self-own.

“Whatever Maxine says, I agree with,” Biden declared. Does he know how many crazy things Maxine Waters has said? I suspect not, it’s a boatload of stuff. But let’s just recall one of her most infamous statements, as we see people are the radical left going after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and “pushing back” in 2020.


Talk about stepping in it big time when he goes all in with what Maxine Waters has to say. Of course, let’s remember that Biden doesn’t even seem to understand who Maxine Waters is. Last year, he seemed to confuse Waters with Val Demings, who is running for the Senate in Florida. Biden shook Waters’ hand and said, “Senator, I hope…You think I’m kidding? I’m not.”


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