Media Spins Ridiculous Controversy to Smear Dr. Oz


John Fetterman has been having all kinds of issues in the race for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

As we’ve noted, he has horrible policies including anti-fracking — a very bad thing in Pennsylvania — and being soft on crime when crime is a hugely important issue for Americans. He’s had his own issues, chasing after an innocent black jogger and pointing a gun in his chest, lying about it, and vandalizing the sign of a local business. Plus, he has coherence problems following a stroke in May which has many doubting that he would have the ability to do the job, in addition to his bad ideas.


This was him a couple of days ago:

Who would vote for him? He should be taking time to recover, not running. But his people refuse to let media speak to his doctors or to clarify his medical condition. They also haven’t clarified what that lump on his neck is that he seems to keep wearing scarves to hide.

But I think this is making the Democrats and the media a little desperate to deflect from Fetterman’s issues. How desperate are they? The media is trying to spread a new “controversy” about Dr. Oz, claiming he stood in front of a car that used to belong to Adolf Hitler.

Here’s the headline from the Mediaite story, a two-fer headline that tried to go after Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), as well.

Jezebel also ran with it.

Fetterman’s account is already spreading it.


It’s a picture at a museum that people hold events at, you blithering idiots. It’s the Lyon Air Museum, it’s going to have historical artifacts. He was standing in front of an American plane too, but they didn’t want to focus on that.

So what is even the point of this ridiculous story? He wasn’t promoting Hitler or Nazism. The swastika wasn’t even visible on the car in the picture with Oz in it. People had to grab another picture with the swastika on it and put it next to the one with Oz to try to smear him. So that’s a pretty dishonest hit job. He wasn’t even “in front of it”; he was in front of an American plane that helped in the invasion on D-Day. The car was some distance behind and to the side of him.

Stuff like this is so dumb. So are Democrats against museums or learning about history? Are they against us capturing our enemy’s stuff and displaying the spoils of victory? Maybe they’re for giving away our equipment to our enemies, like leaving equipment for the Taliban. Talk about misinformation and spreading ridiculous stories.

But this is why the left is so desperate — the polls are showing how close it is and the movement is going Oz’s way.



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