Elon Musk Lights up the Internet With Ukraine Peace Deal Proposal

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Tesla head Elon Musk created a furor among many on the left and some of those supportive of Ukraine when he posted a poll with a proposed peace deal between Ukraine and Russia in it.


Musk said he thought that this was likely to be the outcome in the end but that it was “just a question of how many die before then.”

Musk indicated that he was concerned about what would happen to Ukraine if Russia went all-in. “Russia is doing partial mobilization. They go to full war mobilization if Crimea is at risk. Death on both sides will be devastating. Russia has >3 times population of Ukraine, so victory for Ukraine is unlikely in total war. If you care about the people of Ukraine, seek peace.”

Now, whatever you think of the poll, he’s been supportive of Ukraine, even providing them with Starlink terminals which have helped them to stay digitally connected with the rest of the world. You can argue about what he says in the poll and the concepts of appeasement, but his support for Ukraine is well known.


But his posting of the poll enraged many Ukraine supporters because it wasn’t just “Russia should get out of Ukraine” as an ultimate solution. He of course was accused of supporting Russia which wasn’t what he was doing.

It stands to reason that the dumbest response would come from Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). Because apparently, he thinks the only ones entitled to an opinion are people who agree with him. As we noted, he posted a bizarre tweetstorm about pro-lifers and Ukraine. Then he had to delete them because they were embarrassing. He’s posted multiple false things about Ukraine, but sure, let’s just limit all comments to the dumbest comments.

One Ukrainian diplomat had a rather blunt response.

Musk even got a response from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.


Of course, Musk wasn’t supporting Russia, whatever you think of his proposal. But there’s no nuance or room for discussion with anyone on social media anymore. Or appreciation for the fact that he has helped Ukraine in the past, which some noted in response.


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