Liberal Media Largely Silent as IG Report Confirms Deplorable Scandal in Kids Camp Under Biden

(HHS’ Administration for Children and Families via AP)

Joe Biden and the Democrats would like to pitch this fantasy that leaving the border open and allowing people to just flood across the border is “kind” while it is anything but. Not only has it been feeding enormous amounts of money to the cartels and exposing Americans to all kinds of dangers, it’s also harmful to the illegal aliens in the process.


It’s much worse than it ever was under President Donald Trump, who solved a lot of the issues with his policies that Biden then upended. But the Democrats who used to scream about Trump — people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who infamously cried outside of a fence bemoaning the treatment of “the children” — seem strangely silent now.

“It’s going to be the deadliest year by far,” said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council. “When you look at the last year prior to President Biden taking office, the most deaths we ever had was a little over 300. Now we’re right at 800. It’s the most dangerous situation we’ve ever seen by far, and I’m going to go back to the point that Democrats do not care.”

Yet while the media hyped deaths under Trump — they’re silent on that because it isn’t helpful for Joe Biden

On top of that, the children waiting for placement in the U.S. were being held under “distressing conditions,” as John Sexton at Hot Air explains.

The Biden administration’s handling of this was a disaster and while it has received some media attention last year it never got nearly as much coverage as the “kids in cages” story got back in 2018-2019. I wonder why that is?


I think we all know why. But a new Inspector General report has confirmed some of the horrible conditions. The report found that the Biden administration had hired inexperienced people to take care of the children at the Fort Bliss tent facility that they set up, including a company that had never taken care of kids before. Kids went as long as two months without seeing a case manager so they would have no communication or any idea of what was going on with their cases or when they might be getting out of there, causing them to have panic attacks. And the conditions in the facility were deplorable with COVID, lice, food that wasn’t cooked and complaints about sexual assaults and sexual harassment.

A Fort Bliss worker told investigators they witnessed a distraught migrant girl cut herself in front of other children after learning that case managers had not spoken to her mother about her release. The girl, the report said, was restrained by security guards and transported to a psychiatric facility.

“They had a sense that they had been forgotten,” one Fort Bliss youth care worker told investigators.

Beyond causing “unnecessary delays” in migrant children’s releases, the deficient case management undermined efforts to ensure the minors were not placed with adults who could harm them, according to the report, which relied on interviews with 66 Fort Bliss workers, a review of documents and a visit to the facility.

“In some cases, release recommendations made by these inexperienced case managers reportedly failed to consider children’s significant history of abuse and neglect or whether sex offenders resided in the potential sponsor’s household,” the report said.


Translation? Some kids may have been sent to sex offenders because of the incompetence of the Biden Administration.

This report from the BBC last year goes into some of the allegations of poor care and rape at the Fort Bliss camp.

The Office of Inspector General also cited interviews with some HHS officials and Fort Bliss workers who reported facing retaliation or hearing about colleagues facing retaliation after raising concerns about conditions at the facility and the safety of children.

Now, one would think such horrific conditions would draw a lot of attention from the media. Yet the media who was obsessed with one flight of aliens shipped to the liberal vacation mecca of Martha’s Vineyard are nowhere to be seen when it comes to all this. This should have been a major scandal but because it doesn’t involve a Republican, it’s all on Joe Biden, not so much.

According to CBS, the Fort Bliss camp is still open although it has been revamped into a more permanent influx site with allegedly higher standards of care. I’m not sure I would bet on it, given what we’ve seen so far.



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