Dem. Sen. Cortez Masto Makes a Disgusting Comment That May Hurt Her Senate Chances

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One of the things that we’ve seen as an adjunct of the fury of the radical left over the Dobbs decision is their anger focused on crisis pregnancy centers that offer pregnant women help and options. Radicals have been firebombing them and otherwise vandalizing them.


Now instead of defending the centers from such vicious attacks, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) is attacking the centers.

“Crisis pregnancy centers consistently mislead vulnerable women about the health care services they provide,” Masto claimed. “I joined my colleagues in cosponsoring the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act to crack down on false advertising about abortion services by these fake clinics.”

Here comes the “disinformation” gambit from the Democrats again. Translation: something is being said that doesn’t fit within the Democratic narrative and they want to do what they can to try to shut it down or control it. How dare you help women, the only choice you are allowed to give them is abortion.

Now you have to wonder why, right? If Democrats like Cortez Masto were truly “pro-choice” why would these people have an issue with offering women help and choices other than abortion? What it means is that such Democrats aren’t pro-choice. Just pro-abortion. Nothing proves it more than that they want to shut down other choices. Where is Cortez Masto condemning the attacks on the centers?


But this is also concerning that once again we see Democrats trying to shut down speech they don’t like. We’ve seen Biden Administration working with social media to do this as well. Yet Joe Biden tries to falsely smear Republicans as “threats to democracy”?

As we’ve reported, Cortez Masto is in a tight race in Nevada with Adam Laxalt. The Real Clear Politics average has her only about 1.7 points ahead and the race had swung back and forth. They’re basically in a statistical dead heat.

Laxalt was not silent about Cortez Masto’s incendiary comment.

According to the Nevada Independent, an AARP poll found that Hispanic voters were moving away from Cortez Masto.

“We’re basically seeing, nationally, Latino voters moving away from Democrats,” Hogan said. “We saw it from 2018 to 2020, and we’ve seen it continue from 2020 to now … We’re seeing the trend here in Nevada.”

That bloc was very important to her last win and if they’re moving away from her now, she’s going to have a tough time. Gee, maybe part of the problem is having an extreme position on abortion?


Pollster Tony Fabrizio predicted Cortez Masto would lose owing to “underwater favorability, a Republican lean among undecided voters, and unfavorable national conditions including persistent inflation and President Joe Biden’s unpopularity.”

So just like with Biden and his Red Sermon about the MAGA Republicans, maybe she’s throwing this abortion comment out there to appeal to her leftist base. But in the process, she’s going to lose Hispanics and people in the middle.

If she loses her Senate seat that might shift the balance of power to the Republicans. As we already noted, the momentum appears to be moving toward Republicans because of the bad moves by Joe Biden in regard to attacking MAGA Republicans and the student debt bailout, which was a big mistake.



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