D.C. City Council Member Delivers Hilarious Take on 'Emergency' in D.C. From Busing Illegal Aliens

Brianne Nadeau, D.C. City Council Member. (Credit: Julio Rosas)

We’ve seen the strategy of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to get Democrats to pay attention to the border crisis by busing illegal aliens up to Washington, D.C., New York, and now even Chicago working like a charm. The very same Democrats who had ignored the problem when they thought it was “just a border issue” are suddenly complaining to high heaven when just a small fraction of the aliens with whom the border towns have had to deal are sent to their cities.


Washington D.C. declared a “public emergency” over the busing of illegal aliens to their city and the plans to create an Office of Migrant Services.

D.C. City Council Member Brianne Nadeau is the latest entrant in the hypocrite brigade. Here she is complaining about how the Texas and Arizona busing illegal aliens up to D.C. has turned D.C. into a “border town.”

β€œThe governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis,” Nadeau claimed. She said that they weren’t getting any help from the federal government. She said that they’d “learned from border towns.” “In many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned us into a border town.”

First, no, the governors of Texas and Arizona didn’t “create” this crisis — Joe Biden did by his horrible border policies that are just allowing people to flood across the border. Texas and Arizona are just trying to make Democrats finally acknowledge it is a crisis. Now, people like Nadeau are doing exactly that when they only get several thousand people in their city, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that have flooded small border towns that don’t even begin to have the capacity or facilities that D.C. does. If that is a “public emergency” for D.C. what is it for the border towns? She’s acknowledging by her very comment how bad it is in border towns and she’s upset that it’s happening to D.C. Why weren’t they upset when it was happening to the border towns? Because it didn’t impact them. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his team aren’t helping them, just like he hasn’t helped the border towns. Just to be clear, D.C. isn’t even approaching anywhere near how bad it’s been for border towns.


Second, D.C. is a sanctuary city. Nadeau publicly proclaimed it. So she’s been right there, making and defending the bad policies.

The problem with Democrats is that they never want to consider the consequences of their bad policies. They don’t want to have to live according to those bad policies either, as we saw with the COVID lockdowns and masking with “Rules for Thee” or those that fly on private planes while crying about climate change. It’s a bad thing only when suddenly they realize it impacts them.

The Democratic reaction to all this — and failure — is going to re-elect Abbott in Texas and elect Kari Lake in Arizona, and maybe a lot of Republicans elsewhere as well.



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