David Axelrod Goes All-in on How GOP Voters Just Questioning Elections Is 'Threat to Democracy'

Nati Harnik

Democrats should be condemning Joe Biden’s demonizing of millions of Americans by calling MAGA Republicans a “threat to democracy.”

It’s a dangerous and divisive tactic that he’s throwing out there to distract from the fact that he and the Democrats have a record of failure. They have nothing to run on for the midterms other than pushing Trump hate. But now they’re even attacking ordinary Americans as well. That’s just despicable. Biden isn’t stopping, he’s planning on continuing the attack in a prime-time address on Thursday.


But instead of saying that’s wrong, many of the Democrats are going all in with this tactic.

According to Democratic operative David Axelrod, if you even think that Joe Biden might not have been legitimately elected, that itself is a “threat to democracy.”

“As the @POTUS prepares to address the nation to discuss threats to our democracy, upwards of 70 percent of Republicans say they don’t believe Biden is the legitimately elected president,” Axelrod declared. “That, alone, is a threat to democracy.”

He was reminded by The Federalist’s David Harsanyi that 67 percent of Democrats in 2016 believed that Trump wasn’t legitimately elected. “Why wasn’t that a threat to democracy?” Harsanyi logically asked.

“Yes, the opposite has been true at times, with Dems doubting the results,” Axelrod argued. “But the doubts here have been sowed and amplified, unsupported by facts, by a president who, for the first time in history plotted to undermine a demonstrably free and fair election. That’s different.”

Um, was Axelrod asleep for the past several years? Or is he just being dishonest here?

Let’s talk about all the Democrats who promoted the belief that Trump winning was illegitimate, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.


Not only that but people threatened the electors in 2016. Democrats even tried all kinds of efforts to influence the electors, including the idea of having the intel community brief them on Russian collusion. Democrats including Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) were among those who objected to electors in the past, Thompson to Bush and Raskin to Trump. Both are now on the Jan. 6 Committee, Thompson is the head of the Committee. Almost 70 Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017, while leftists rioted in the streets and burnt things. There were no FBI pages devoted to that “insurrection” and most of the charges against people were dismissed. Democrats didn’t give a darn about that “threat.”

Let’s talk about undermining a free and fair election. Let’s talk about the effort of the Clinton team to influence the election in 2016 by their involvement in the Russia collusion hoax. Then the years of how the media spread that falsehood. Let’s talk about the media — and now allegedly the FBI — suppressing the information about the Hunter Biden laptop that could have changed the election.


Not only Axelrod essentially saying that only Democrats are allowed to question elections, but the very act of questioning is also the “threat.” So you are not allowed to ever question. Which of course would be the opposite of “democracy” and the opposite of the freedom of speech enshrined in our Republic. But that’s where Democrats are going with all this: only what they push is allowed.


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