Stan Van Gundy Comparing Biden's Student Loan Bailout to Jesus Does Not Go Well

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Joe Biden’s decision to unconstitutionally bail out student loan debt of $10,000 for anyone making below $125,000 is getting a lot of backlash, particularly from people on the right, not to mention anyone else who believes in the law and basic fairness.


We’ve seen some on the left try to compare this to PPP loans and claim Republicans who got PPP loans were being hypocritical by criticizing the Biden bailout. But as my colleague, Sister Toldjah explained, the PPP program was passed by Congress. It was also open to anyone, because of an action by the government that interfered in the ability of people to work — the lockdowns. It was not about having Americans pay for the debt to which others obligated themselves voluntarily.

But former professional basketball coach and NBA analyst for the TNT network, Stan Van Gundy, took it a step further when he compared Joe Biden to Jesus, with the miracle of the loaves and the fishes.

Van Gundy termed it “Republican logic” and it had a caption that stated, “Jesus’s miracle of the loaves and fishes was a slap in the face to all the people who brought their own lunch.”

That did not end well, with conservatives and others going to town on Van Gundy, detailing how the analogy wasn’t anywhere close to reality.


Let’s start that comparing a confused illegal action by Joe Biden to buy votes to a miracle by Jesus to feed people is more than a stretch and just a bit offensive. Joe Biden is not Jesus and neither is the government.

Jesus performed a miracle, creating the loaves and fishes. He didn’t steal from taxpayers to make them pay for the debts of others. He didn’t tell the people who brought their lunches that they had to pay to feed everyone else. He didn’t just distribute the loaves and fishes to a subset of the people there. He didn’t distribute the food so they vote for him.

Unlike Jesus, the government can’t perform miracles to make things come out of thin air. Debt doesn’t just disappear. Everything costs and in this case, we all have to pay for the Biden bailout effort to buy votes for the midterms.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Jesus said with his actions that we all had to pay up for other folks’ gender studies degrees.

It’s hilarious when folks on the left try to use Jesus for how they want to use him. But then the left is always attacking any reference to Jesus/God as somehow pushing a Christian theocracy.



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