Oh, Sweet Irony: Poll Shows Result if Cheney Ran in 2024 Against Biden, Trump

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) just got shown the door big time by voters in Wyoming last week in the Republican primary. She got walloped by 38 points by Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, who spent more time on the issues Wyoming cared about and wasn’t obsessed with getting Donald Trump like Cheney.


After losing in spectacular fashion, however, Cheney then announced that she was thinking about running for president, a delusional aspiration with no promise for success.

She would never win the Republican nomination. She could only run as a third-party candidate, and she wouldn’t have a chance. But she somehow thinks she’s going to take on Trump and prevent him from becoming president again in 2024.

But if she did that, I would think it would be more likely that that would help Trump than Biden, because she’s closer to Biden in people’s minds. Turns out, now there’s a poll that supports that thought.

A new You Gov poll shows that in a Biden/Trump/Cheney three-way race, Cheney works in Trump’s favor, drawing more people away from Biden than from Trump, and that she helps deliver Trump a comfortable victory.

But in a three-way race with Cheney on the ballot as an independent, Trump would suddenly vault to an 8-point lead over Biden, 40% to 32%.

In that scenario, Cheney trails with just 11% of the vote. The problem for Biden is that nearly all of Cheney’s votes come at his expense — and there are enough of them, in theory, to put Trump over the top.


Making up Cheney’s 11 percent of the vote — 69 percent would come from Biden, while just 15 percent came from those likely to vote for Trump.

But it makes sense. The only people who would vote for Cheney are people who would never vote for Trump, but who might vote for Biden. She has no real constituency.

Oh, what sweet irony that would be if she were to help Trump win, after all her failed efforts to try to destroy him. That would be the perfect ending to finish off her obsession.


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