Embarrassing: Cheney's New Remarks About Running for President After Blowout Loss

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) got handed her walking papers last night.

Not only did she lose, but she also lost by a historic amount. She lost by 38 points. When you would think that the race would narrow the numbers, she lost by even more than the polls were predicting. People were talking about the crossover vote from Democrats and we had mentioned that the speculation involved 9,000 people. But what the media wasn’t mentioning was tremendous resolve from Republicans in Wyoming. Normally in the primary race in the past, Cheney would win with numbers in the 70,000 range. With 99 percent in, Harriet Hageman has 113,025 to Cheney’s 49,316 — 66.33 percent to 28.94 percent. So 40,000 more than normal additional people came out and voted for Hageman. That’s a lot who came out to make sure that Cheney would be gone. They wanted to ensure that with the Democratic effort to pull funny business, it would be the local Republicans who would have the say in this election. If you removed 9,000 from her count, her loss would be even greater. As our friends over at Twitchy note, that would make the loss more like 41 or 42 points.


But that isn’t stopping Cheney’s delusion or that of the liberal media trying to market her as a noble “thing” (to attack Republicans with) or presidential material. In her rambling remarks, she manages to confirm she is thinking about it (as if we didn’t know that was her game).

From Daily Mail:

‘I believe that Donald Trump continues to post a very grave threat and risk to our Republic,’ she said on NBC’s morning show. ‘And I believe that defeating him will require a very broad and united front of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. And that’s what I intend to be a part of.’

‘I know that there are millions and millions of Americans across this country, again, regardless of their party affiliation, who know that there’s something more important than partisan politics and who know we all have to stand together if we want to defend this republic,’ she insisted.

When pushed on if she’s thinking about running for president, the congresswoman said: ‘That’s a decision that I’m going to make in the coming months.’

‘I’m not going to make any announcements here this morning,’ Cheney added. ‘But it is something I’m thinking about.’


Her spokesperson said that she would be launching an anti-Trump group, for political outreach as she debates whether to run.

Cheney was so deluded Tuesday night after her loss, that she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. It was both hilarious and ridiculous.

But if you can’t even win Wyoming, if the folks you allegedly serve throw you out for abandoning them, for being more obsessed with your agenda than theirs, who do you think is your constituency to run for president? Not Republicans who you continue to attack. Not Democrats who will throw you under a bus in a red hot second when you no longer serve their purpose of just attacking Trump and Republicans. The Never Trump folks and the Lincoln Project? With that and a dime, you can’t even get on a bus. It’s truly embarrassing that she’s making such remarks after such a loss and rejecting her constituents. She’s living in a liberal media bubble as to her importance, not the reality that was handed to her last night.

It’s more than time to turn the page on Cheney.


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