FBI's Latest Announcement About 'Threats' After Raid Raises More Concerns

The FBI is now claiming in the wake of their raid on the Mar-a-Lago home of President Donald Trump that there has been an increase in “violent threats” against law enforcement, including the threat to “place a so-called Dirty Bomb in front of FBI headquarters” with “general calls” for “civil war” and “armed rebellion.”


Several of the threats are specific, according to the bulletin, which states that “the FBI and DHS have identified multiple articulated threats and calls for the targeted killing of judicial law enforcement and government officials associated with the Palm Beach search, including the Federal judge who approved the Palm Beach search warrant.”

That’s concerning.

But so was the FBI response, according to Just the News.

A senior law enforcement official told Just the News that some federal police agencies were asked last week to monitor social media accounts of known political influencers for signs of agitation and FBI officials reached out to some social media platforms frequented by conservatives in the aftermath of Cincinnati attack, in which the perpetrator was killed.

So are they looking for crimes or are they monitoring conservatives?

Raiding the home of a former president was a completely unprecedented act in an already charged political environment. What the FBI should be doing is being extremely transparent to explain themselves to bring down the temperature. But they’re not doing that.

It’s a real problem when people doubt the objectivity of the FBI. It’s been going on for a long time, since at least 2016 when they gave Hillary Clinton a pass for something that seems to have far exceeded anything Donald Trump is even alleged to have done. Then there’s the whole Russia probe to begin with, with things like FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith giving a false statement to a FISA court judge to get a warrant against the Trump team.


Even before the raid on Trump, members of Congress were receiving reports from whistleblowers about the FBI padding domestic extremism statistics. They’re also looking into the politicization of the bureau. We’ve even seen the FBI demonizing things like the Gadsden flag, the Betsy Ross flag, and the Gonzales flag as signs of “extremism.” These are normal patriotic American symbols. When you demonize the symbols as extremist, you are falsely casting patriotic Americans as extremist. While Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray about a week and a half ago, he said he was “self-reporting” and he dropped his boot with the Gonzales flag (“Come and Take It”) on his Senate desk in front of him.

Then there was the FBI response to parents who were concerned about what their children were being taught objecting to school boards.

Yet there doesn’t seem to be the same attention or announcements regarding things that can’t be twisted toward criticism of the right — like an assassination attempt and very real threats to Supreme Court justices, the firebombing of pro-life centers, or the months of organized BLM/rioting that resulted in many deaths and hundreds injured.


Congress needs to utilize its oversight ability to bring the bureau back to something resembling objectivity. Then in 2024, the new Republican president needs to make that a priority.



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